TikTok ‘Lite’ App Bags Over 12 Million Downloads

TikTok has been in the market for quite a while now and has been able to reach out to the smartphones of short video lovers. The rise of TikTok users has paved way to the global expansion of this brand. However, last year in 2018, the company launched TikTok Lite app that has always grabbed the attention of users across the globe. Other applications like Facebook and Snapchat have not been left out when it comes to imitating the features of TikTok.

TikTok launched two lighter versions of their app so that users can access the platform with slightly lesser memory and data requirements.

TikTok lite app with lowercase “l” took the market by storm

Thailand witnessed the launch of the first “lite” app of Tiktok on August 6, 2018. However, its popularity leapt in the Asian countries including the likes of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam. TikTok lovers ended up downloading this lite app more than 5 million times since its launch. This has further given rise to a significant number of users that have signed up recently.

Countries like Russia, India, and Brazil seemed to love this silently launch app, but TikTok had some other plans. The company launched yet another Lite app in the next couple of months, this time with an uppercase L.

Tiktok Lite App

Hike in Tiktok’s popularity after second Lite app

This company launched the new Lite app on November 1, 2018, and because of the massive markets like India, it became a hit. Over 7.1 million downloads were reported by Sensor Tower and increasing popularity in Indian youth is a significant reason.

Over 12 million downloads in 15+ non-Asian countries

You can easily recognise the new Lite app by the spelling as it has l is in uppercase. People, mostly youngsters, from countries like Brazil, Ecuador, Angola, El Salvador, Egypt, Costa Rica, Algeria, Russia, South Africa, Ghana, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Tunisia, Kenya, and, Nigeria have downloaded this new version.

TikTok has not focused much on the marketing part of the Lite applications, however, both have crossed 12M+ downloads. Such lighter versions of mobile apps are handy when a user is concerned about the mobile data. Additionally, there is relatively lesser RAM requirement of a lighter version of an application. People having an interest in such short clip making are the ones responsible for the immense success of these apps.

All in all, the application has seen unprecedented growth because of these Lite versions. Even in 2019, the rise of TikTok users is seemingly high, while the app is capturing untouched markets. It’s parent company, ByteDance hails from China and has pooled billions in the success of TikTok as a platform.

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