Slack- Everything you need to know- 2019

Slack- Everything you need to know- 2019

Ever faced trouble while working on your team projects due to lack of communication or any such issue? Faced trouble with the completion of work on time, by you or your team? Faced trouble in searching for the appropriate information for your projects? Then here’s your solution for all of these problems. Slack is one of the platforms which allows you to work in a problem-free manner.


What exactly is Slack?

Communicating with your team and combining all your work onto a single platform helps you complete work at a rapid pace. It also helps you and your team perform in a more efficient way. This is made possible with the help of Slack. It helps bring together all the right individuals, information as well as tools required for the completion of your work. It makes keeping your team members up to date by easy team communication and work collaboration.

Be it a small business or a large company, Slack is very beneficial for getting more amount of work done by your team in the stipulated period of time. You could avail it on any Android or iOS device. This enables you to easily discover and access all your members and their work at a single platform. Slack is very advantageous for business people who are travelling but want to connect with their team. They can access and monitor all the work from anywhere they are.

The Executive Director of Technology at Ticketmaster, Sherry Taylor stated, “Hundreds of people are contributing across the world with many stakeholders who need to stay informed. The ease of communication that Slack provides helps support the teams that are delivering value at this pace and scale.”

Nick Coronges, CTO at R/GA stated, “Slack is not only great at connecting people, it’s great at connecting the tools and the systems we already have.”

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The major features

  • Firstly, you can have well organized conversations. The work carried out in Slack takes place in channels. Each and every conversation can be carried out in a specific channel. These channels can be created on the basis of teams, clients, projects, office locations or any other relevant factors. The members of the team have the freedom to join and leave channels as and when required.
  • Secondly, Slack provides you with searchable history. With the help of the search option, it’s easy to narrow down your search results and find the appropriate information. Search all the information posted in your messages or channels. And you could also find out if anyone else already found solutions to the problem of your concern. All your conversations converted into knowledge, which could reflect as references in the future.
  • Thirdly, Slack provides you with various tools and services via which you can bring any existing workflows into the corresponding channels. Integration of various apps with Slack makes this possible. Thousands of apps are available in the Slack App Directory, including services such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and JIRA.
  • Fourthly, Slack allows you to work with external partners including clients, contractors or any third parties with great ease. This flexibility is due to the presence of shared channels and guest accounts.
  • And lastly, Slack has a great security policy. All your data shared on the platform kept secured with Slack.


The Slack workspace

In order to work together and share all the necessary inputs and information with your team members, Slack provides you with a workspace. The workspace – typically consisted of one or more channels and helps in the collaboration of the teams’ work. In general, small-sized and medium-sized organizations share a specific workspace. On the other hand, large-sized organizations require slightly complex workspaces. For this purpose, an Enterprise Grid organization- provided to these large enterprises for easy progress of work.

An Enterprise Grid organization majorly consists of multiple interconnected workspaces, thereby connecting workspaces across your company. You are free to share any number of channels in these workspaces to the employees, including important information, announcements and so on. This therefore simplifies the work of bigger companies as each of their employees wouldn’t require working in one workspace. Also, it allows you to work online in channels within unique and specific workspaces. Your organization can stay connected via direct messaging, search as well as the directory present in Slack.

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