Samsung Galaxy Fold- The Foldable Phone

Samsung Galaxy Fold- The Foldable Phone

There has been a significant amount of buzz regarding Samsung’s new and innovative Foldable Phone. This piece of beauty now finally holds a name. The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be available for purchase from 26th April 2019. Recently, the company showcased this much-hyped device during its “UNPACKED” event. Along with this, they also unveiled the next line up of Galaxy S series.

You will get a power packed device with a durable build and a flagship-grade 12GB RAM. Additionally, it includes a large screen capable of folding in a way that the hinge is virtually invisible on the display side. Moreover, you also get a free pair of Samsung’s new wireless earbuds. Let’s look at what all this phone has to offer, in detail.

Foldable Phone


Galaxy Foldable Phone – Screen Specifications

Samsung has come up with this latest technology of Foldable Phone. When used on the tablet mode, you get a display of 7.3 inches for your sheer pleasure. This makes use of QXGA+ resolution (4.2:3). When you fold the device, you can easily fit it in your pocket. On the phone mode, its display shortens to 4.4 inches HD+ (12:9) which can turn out to be decent for most of the uses.

Samsung has now enabled you to get a two in one deal which seemingly is attracting to a significant number of tech fans. This feature gives convenience to those who have the need to carry two devices simultaneously.

The Internal Features of Foldable Phone

If this device already amuses you, there is a lot more to it! When talking about the battery, Samsung has integrated two set of batteries in this amazing device, one for each fold. This makes a total battery capacity of 4380 mAh.

The operating system of the Galaxy Fold consists of the Qualcomm 7nm octa-core processor. You can rely on 512GB of Universal Flash Storage 3.0 (eUFS) to realize what makes this device a true flagship. Also, with the new Galaxy Fold, you can tell your folks that your phone device has more RAM than most of their computers.

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The Backbone of Galaxy Fold – Built to perfection

Galaxy Fold’s back is made sturdy keeping in mind a considerably tough use of the folding mechanism. The device has a number of gears which help you to fold the device smoothly and easily, without damaging it.

Samsung claims that you can fold their device around 200,000 times. This turns out to be sufficient for 5 years of use. Technically, this limits you to fold this device 100 times a day. If that seems to be okay, this device is a blend of beauty, speed, power, and innovation.

Foldable Phone

Camera Specifications and Body Colors of Galaxy Fold 

At the rear, this device has a triple camera which consists of a 16-megapixel ultra-wide camera for significantly wide shots, a 12-megapixel wide-angle for comparatively lesser wide angles and telephoto cameras to make your photo clicking experience almost DSLR like. With such a combination of cameras, be sure that you are going to click amazing pictures without tons of details.

The front camera in this device houses a 10-megapixel shooter which clicks commendable day-light and low-light images. Furthermore, you can buy this device in four different colors. While this is a first generation device, Samsung has indeed come out to be a pioneer. The foldable tech is only here to grow until we can finally have multifold enabled screens that blur the gap between a phone and a tablet.

All the hype this phone has gained in the tech community is only because Samsung has attempted to present what others have just thought to be a gimmick.

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