The Royale FlexPai-world’s first foldable phone

The Royal FlexPai is the world’s very first commercial foldable smartphone created. When companies see the absolute necessity to be the first with some new technology, the FlewPai is the kind of device that they drive out of the market. The Royale is a five year old company, established with the sole purpose of developing and selling flexible displays. The company was at risk when Samsung decided to make their own foldable device. Since their pride was at stake, Royale made the FlexPai earlier than what was initially decided.

Salient features of the Royale Flexpai

The Royale FlexPai is a combination of a mobile phone and a tablet, consisting of an ultrathin, fully flexible display. The device can be used either folded or unfolded, according to the users’ comfort. This gives it the portability of a smartphone alongwith the screen size of a high-definition tablet. With the advent of the Flexpai, you no longer have to be concerned about broken screens. It completely disrupts the concept of traditional smartphones. Some of its features include:

  • Foldablilty range of 0 to 180 degrees
  • 7.8 inch (diagonally) large, tablet sized, full color display screen when unfolded
  • Resolution of 1920 x 1440 on full display
  • 308ppi pixel density screen
  • Two SIM slots
  • An auto-detection system

FlexPai is an Android tablet which in its extended mode becomes two Android phones combined together. The auto-detection system detects which side of the folded screen you are facing and displays content only on that side. Among the two phones, one of it is considered as the primary phone. When the device is its completely open condition, the contents of the primary phone get displayed on the entire screen.

The FlexPai is quite robust in its construction. One would be concerned that a foldable would be much more fragile than the normal smartphones. But this device has been well built, and surprisingly snaps into stiff closed form without any damage to the screen. Certain amount of force would be required for opening and closing it.

The Royale FlexPai

Shortcomings of the Royale FlexPai

Even though the FlexPai has quite good features, its quality happens to be poor. There happens to be color banding and few dim areas in the middle of the screen. Also, there happens to be hyper-saturation of the same sort that was observed in Samsung’s first and second generation AMOLED screens long ago.

Water OS is the name given to Royale’s software. The software and basic operation of the FlexPai seem to be slightly disappointing. There seems to be some sort of confusion when you fold/unfold or rotate the device. There is a haphazard alignment of all the apps and widgets when the tablet is converting itself into a phone. The automatic switch button present between the phones doesn’t seem to be very spontaneous.

Price and market sales of the Royale FlexPai

The FlexPai is already out in the market in China. It has a retail price of 8,999 yuan, which is approximately $1,320 in US currency.

On the whole, this foldable tablet is very charmingly awful. It has a great folding ability, but runs on a tacky software. Considering this fact, it’s questionable whether the FlexPai would make it to the long run in the market.

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