Lexar’s 1TB SD card-first in the market

Everyone usually looks for the capacity rather than the size. Keeping this in mind, Lexar has designed a new SD card with an immense storage capacity. Lexar has recently revealed its 1 terabyte SD card, which is the first one to be legitimate and commercially available. This is a massive storage capacity for a device as small as an SD card.

A couple of years ago, SanDisk flaunted a prototype of a 1TB SD card. However, the final product didn’t reach the market, and we never got to use the 1TB SD card. On the other hand, the Professional 633x line of SDHC and SDXC UHS-1 cards designed by Lexar are out for marketing.

Specific features of Lexar’s 1TB SD card                                             

Lexar’s 1TB SDXC flash memory card will be available from a capacity of 16GB up to a huge capacity of 1TB. This card will have a write speed of 70MB/s and a read speed up to 95MB/s. However, the rating is V30/U3, which implies a sustained write performance of only 30MB/s. The UHS-2 memory is faster when compared to UHS-1. Even though this card makes use of UHS-1 memory, it appears to have a good functionality. Also, you can effortlessly insert this card into a compact DSLR.


Lexar was one of the first to release a 1GB SD card out in the market about fifteen years ago. Since then, the company has been satisfactory at driving forward the capacity of SD memory cards.

The large capacity 1TB card would be extremely beneficial for enthusiastic photographers, content creators and videographers. It has sufficient capacity and speed to capture high resolution photos and videos. Therefore, with the help of this card, you can handle various Raw photos and 4K videos with great ease. Transferring the media to your computer can also be done at a fast pace.

In case photography or videography isn’t your cup of tea, then the concept of an SD card with an enormous storage capacity wouldn’t be all that breathtaking. Nevertheless, the new SD card by Lexar signifies the advancement of SD storage over the past ten years.


Price of the Lexar’s 1TB SD card

With the advancement in the capacity of the SD card, the market price of such a card would be quite high as expected. The Lexar’s 1TB SD card is going to sell for a price as high as $499.99, even though B&H is selling the same high capacity SD card for $399.99. This is the same company which sells 512GB cards for less than $150. Taking this into consideration, one should pay much more for a single 1TB card compared to two 512GB cards.

The concept of an SD card having a storage capacity up to 1TB is very thought-provoking. If interested in purchasing this new SD card, you can now pre-order it in any major camera stores.

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