Instagram Like count could disappear soon

Instagram Like count could disappear soon

Jane Manchun Wong, the prolific reverse-engineering expert at TechCrunch noticed an unreleased feature recently. According to Wong, Instagram Like count could disappear soon. It’s not public yet but that’s how things start.

Instagram tested a feature in which only the person who uploaded the photo could see the number of likes. It will be invisible to the viewers.

Instagram released a statement saying “We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your posts get. During this test, only the person who shares a post will see the total number of likes it gets“.

Instagram Like count

Why did Instagram Like count disappear?

The British Information Commissioner’s Office has recommended that social platforms, like Instagram and Snapchat, offer the option to turn off certain features. Those features include “Likes” and “streaks”. Such features encourage users to keep posting. This could be bad for youngsters as they get too engaged in the process.

The agency wants to ban these features. By doing so they want to protect the safety and privacy of the platform’s youngest users.

For certain people Likes and Followers are nothing but a number. They would happily accept this feature. Hiding Like counts could reduce herd mentality, where people just like what’s already got tons of Likes.

Pros and Cons of Like count

This could be an interesting feature as it would make few people happy and could trouble influencers. It is just a matter of individual opinion. Few people use the platform for things like:

  • Firstly, Motivation
  • Secondly, Entertainment
  • Thirdly, Social Updates etc.

Such individuals will not have any issue with Like count gone. However, this decision will leave content creators and influencers unhappy. They make money from this platform on the basis of how many like they received and their followers count.

Like count gone have its pros as well. People get demoralised at times if they do not received the desired likes on their posts. Sometimes this leads them to delete Instagram.  Having this would make massive change to how Instagram functions. It could release the tension between people as the competition would reduce.

It will encourage people to create more authentic content. They will post more as no one will judge them on the basis of how many likes they receive.

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This could save people from spending money

People pay a ton of money to receive fake likes from various platforms. The more likes you get, the more famous you are. So it promotes people to receive likes or followers through unethical ways.

They generate Bot followers or receive likes through automated software. This does not come free of cost. However, Instagram claim to detect such accounts and ban them. But, the question to ask is” Is it really true?” There are still accounts on Instagram with thousands of followers and no quality content.

If Instagram rolls out the feature, it could put the emphasis back on sharing art and self-expression.

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