Honor has advertised the View20 smart phone and will be the first handset to feature three world-first technologies. The brand is now introducing a smart phone that features a 48MP rear camera an All-View Display and Link Turbo.

It shows off the massive 48MP sensor. The camera can produce photos that are 8000×6000 pixels, storing an insane amount of detail.

Most importantly, the brands industry-first 48MP rear camera with Sony IMX586 sensor is set to signal a new era of smart phone photography. Likewise, the camera is the first to make potential HD 48 effective megapixels photography on a smart phone. Therefore, it provides top quality images with more and better details even when zoomed in. Above all, this tech is combined with AI computing power and graphic processing power. In addition, its enabled by the dual-ISP and dual-NPU of Kirin 980 chipset that will instinctively perform multi-frame image processing. As a result, this enables users to gather the essence in multiple photos taken by the camera and create 48MP AI HD image.



The Honor View20 is ready to launch on 01/22/19 with a massive 48MP camera. There has been a lot of talk about this camera and the different technologies involved with it.

  • The IMX 586 48MP camera featured in the phone will have
  • Firstly, a 0.8µm pixel size,
  • Secondly, 1/2 inch CMOS sensor,
  • Thirdly, an F/1.8 aperture and
  • Finally, it is the world’s first 48MP+3D Camera.

Moreover, the number of megapixels in the Honor View20’s camera is higher than mainstream cameras. Like the Nikon D850 [45.4MP], Nikon D500 [20.9MP], and the Sony A7R II [42.3MP].

In conclusion, the brand has entitled a whole new level of full-view display experience by introducing the All-View Display. This world-first, in-screen front camera design, which is achieved by a highly complex 18-layer technology stack. It implants the front camera in display area of the screen, display area extends to almost 100%.



In Honor’s recreation of excellence in smartphone design and colours, the brand integrated with top Malaysian artist Red Hong Yi. To create a unique artwork, Aurora, designed with 2,000 recycled glass back pieces from Honor smartphones. The colours of these glass backs remind the artist of the aurora phenomenon and inspired her to generate this installation.

Clearly, a huge amount of precision taken in the manufacturing of these glass backs. The 15 nano-membranes that covers the glass backs can reflect and refract light as it passes through. Just one single dust particle ruins the whole set of membranes. For every five membranes made, one must be discarded. Inspired by the idea of these recycled glass backs, Red created Aurora and turned industry waste into modern art.



Most importantly, the photos show off the advantage of having such a large image sensor. However, when zoomed in closely to different parts of these photos, detail can be noticed stored in these shots. Detail’s best shown with bright daylight shots. Can comfortably crop photos without deducing too much image clarity. Which means no much usage of digital zoom, like with other smartphones.




These photos taken at night with the only lighting being that from street lights and buildings. As a result, some brilliant night shots seen in some of the sample photos from the Honor View20.



The brand took their Honor View20 out to take some photos of the stars at night result of a meteor shower taking place. The rear 48MP camera used and set the ISO to 3200 with a 30 second exposure. These photos are some of the results from their photoshoot.


Looking forward to laying hands on the Honor View20 to try out the 48MP camera in more situations. So far, what we see from these sample photos is very promising. The ability to capture significantly small detail with the 48MP sensor is clearly setting the bar high for smartphones in 2019.

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