Google Accidentally Confirms The Pixel 3a Duo

Google Accidentally Confirms The Pixel 3a Duo

Google seems to be stepping in the mid-range smartphone segment this year. The official website has been putting up details of two upcoming Pixel phones. Although the company took down all the information. Screenshots have made their way to social media, thanks to the tech community. Leaks reflected Google Pixel 3a. As well as a slightly larger version, Pixel 3a XL to arrive significantly earlier than the launch event of next generation of Pixel series.

This is not only a take on making Pixel devices available at reasonably competitive prices but also including all the key features in this series. 2019 has already witnessed a remarkable beginning in the smartphone regime. And these two devices might just make the competition even more fierce.

Pixel 3a

Here’s what Pixel 3a series will pack

Pixel brings cleanest Android experience to a budget-oriented market segment. These devices could come with decent hardware capabilities. Pixel 3a will house a 5.6-inch OLED display with full HD resolution. While the screen size gets upped to 6.0 inches in case of XL version. Both devices of this series set to feature 12 MP rear cameras along with rocking Snapdragon 670 chipset.

If this duo makes it to the market, it’s evident that you’d get exceptional software computation that Google employs in its original Pixel series. Apart from these speculated features, there’s a possibility of at least one of these devices sporting a 3.5mm headphone jack. All in all, these specifications make clear that this series is going to render competition in the mid-range segment even more brutal.

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Google lists this series as ‘midyear experience’

Perhaps the most satisfying thing about this leak is the anticipated time for the launch of these two smartphones. Considering everything goes as per the leaked information, you wouldn’t necessarily have to wait until October to get your hands on these devices. The company listed this duo as ‘midyear experience’ which apparently makes clear that these smartphones are making their way to the market somewhere near May or June.

Everyone will witness the next generation of Pixel series in October this year. Google could introduce Pixel 3a Duo during Google I/O developer conference. This paves the way for tech enthusiasts. They’re hopeful about Google’s move to target the hottest segment of the smartphone market worldwide. If this series manages to reach market somewhere around May, competitors might get a noticeable hit. That’s because nothing beats Pixel smartphones when it comes to stock Android experience.

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Pixel 3a series brings multifaceted leaks

Even in 2019, leaked tech products aren’t uncommon at all. Renders get as close to the actual devices with the companies unknowingly putting up crucial information that is bound to be handpicked by the tech community. Talking about which, it’s not just the website that showcased Google Pixel 3a leaks but reports suggest that “Pixel 3a XL” also made its way to the actual beta code of Android Q. Doesn’t this already make clear that Google is working on relatively cheaper Pixel phones.

Firstly, a less expensive Google smartphone surely makes a lot of sense. Secondly, to determine the actual success of Duo, it has to hit the market first. However, the leaks don’t tend to stop there. People are expecting a purple version of 3a. Websites like Verge and Android Police have already given clarity about Google’s plans. And now all that remains is the launch date of Pixel 3a series.

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