15 ways to make money online in 2020(Free)

make money online

It is a well-known fact that people are shifting from traditional “offline” ways to make money online. In past couple of years, online businesses have made people a fortune that they couldn’t even have imagined otherwise.

This is just the beginning and you can already find almost everything online. Online is indeed the future.

To make money online, it takes time and dedication. If you give it enough time, it is possible to achieve your dream of becoming successful. Become your own boss. I have listed a lot of jobs below and I’m sure you would be interested in one of those.

There are myths that you need to work continuously for years before you can make money online, it is what it is, a myth. It is far from the truth.

All you need to do is choose the right platform for yourself and get started. You will have to invest your time and effort. Nothing good comes easy.

But once you do, you will see it becomes easier day by day and you won’t have to return to that old petty job where someone else orders you to work.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I may earn a small commission from referring you to few services, but you will not be charged any extra amount for this. But if you choose to use my link, I will always be available to help you with your work. Feel free to contact me here.

Here are 15 ways to make money online and also work from home jobs.

1. Start a YouTube Channel

According to reports, YouTube currently has over 2 billion active monthly users. The best part about YouTube is that you can get started within minutes. People even make millions of dollars yearly by YouTube.

You do need a camera and a laptop to get started though. In some cases, people completely depend on their cell phones to do that. With advancement in technologies, it has become easier to edit videos on your phone.

Even if you have to make initial investment in camera, it shouldn’t be a big problem as you can find one for as low as $200.

make money online

How to make money on YouTube?

To monetize your YouTube channel, you need to have 4000+ watch hours and 1000 subscribers annually. You need to choose a specific niche and create content regularly.

Google AdSense isn’t the only way to earn money through YouTube. Once your channel starts growing and you grab attention of a lot of people, you will be offered brand deals as well. All you will have to do is mention them and put their link in the description. Create your own merchandise as your audience would definitely love that.

Here are 5 ways to increase your Google AdSense revenue.

Collaboration with other YouTubers would skyrocket your growth.

NOTE: Create genuine content and don’t try to fool your audience. That is the only way they will stay true to you as well. Focus on long term goals.

2. Start a Blog (Best way to make money online) 

Blogging is that one job where you get to express yourself. You can choose niche of your liking and get started. Being a blogger gives you freedom to live your life and not get stuck in traditional 9-5 jobs. You can work whenever you want, wherever you want. Just like YouTube, it does require consistency. In fact, every field of work requires consistency.

make money online

You do need to own a website to start blogging. Luckily for you, using my link, you can start a website by buying a domain on Bluehost for less than price of a coffee. The best part about Bluehost is that they offer 30-day money back guarantee. So if you change your plans within a month, you can get your money back.

Get Started with Bluehost today with my special link.

How to make money blogging?

According to me, the best ways to make money only by a blog are either by Google AdSense or by Affiliate Marketing. Google does have certain criteria to approve websites but it is quite easy. If you want to look for options other than Google AdSense, here are 7 high paying alternatives to Google AdSense.

Basically you get paid if anyone clicks ads(CPC) on your website. Google even pays you certain amount for every 1000 views(CPM). On average my CPM is $27. So for every 1000 views, I receive $27. CPC and CPM depends on your niche. Many other niche even pay as high as $60+ for every 1000 views.

Affiliate Marketing is little different than regular advertisement. In affiliate marketing, you promote a product or a service, and once your viewers purchase those, you get paid. Few of the affiliate programs even pay as high as $500 per referral. Here you can find 67+ high paying affiliate programs.

3. Do Affiliate Marketing

As I was mentioning above, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. The best part about affiliate marketing is that you can use multiple platforms to promote affiliate products. You can promote products using YouTube, Instagram and Blogging.

All you have to do is create content for your audience and then refer relevant products or service witch would benefit them. Every time anyone makes a purchase; you get commission at no extra cost to them.

You can either choose products where you receive one-time commission, or you can choose the ones where you receive recurring income. Here are 67+ high paying affiliate programs.

According to me, Bluehost has one of the best and High paying affiliate program. By referring them, you can make up to $130 per sale.

YouTubers get paid high amount of money to mention brands in their videos. It’s the same for Bloggers and Instagram Influencers.

Here is my detailed guide on how to make money on Instagram with only 500 followers.

4. Create Niche Websites

A niche website is a small website focused on particular topic. It shares all information relevant to topic that is both useful and interesting for the target audience. A niche website can be of few pages or even of hundred pages depending upon the size of the niche.

If you love technology, you can share your knowledge with others and get paid for the same. You will have to make sure that your topics are up to date as no one likes outdated information.

To create niche websites, you can use WordPress or Blogger. I use WordPress and recommend you the same. You can get 66% discount+ free domain using my link, feel free to check it out.

You can make money on by either Advertising, promoting other products by adding their affiliate links.

5. Publish a Kindle eBook

Publishing an eBook on kindle is great way start making passive income. Amazon and Google compete with each other to come at the top. Customer’s first preference is Amazon when they want to look for a product.

If you have passion for writing and want to make money out of it, kindle is one of the best way to make money. You will have to create quality content. After you’re done creating your content,

  • Convert your file into an eBook
  • List it on Amazon Kindle
  • Spread awareness amongst people about it

And you will see the power of amazon as it will generate you stable passive income. The book can be of any niche; it can even be just filled with poems. If the content is good, you can be sure that it is going to pay off for a very long time.

6. Start Dropshipping Business to make money online 

Dropshipping is that one business that if done correctly, can bring you six-figure income monthly. Even by investing couple of hours daily, people make thousands of dollars each month. You do need a website to get started with Dropshipping. You can head over to Shopify.com to get 14 days’ trial.

You basically open an online store. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have your own product to sell. How it works is, you list particular product or even multiple products on your store. You can modify the price of the product before listing it. Suppose you see a shirt listed by the seller on apps like OBERLO and ALI EXPRESS for $7 with $3 shipping charges. The real price sums up to $10, but you can price the shirt for $25 on your store.

So, when a customer makes a purchase, the seller sends the product directly to the customer and you receive your $15 commission for making the sale.

This might sound like too much work but it’s a very simple and easy-to-do business as you just have to take care of your online store.

Additionally, in this video, you can find out how to make $1700+ without any advertisement.

7. Do Instagram Marketing to make money online

Well this is one of the field where I’ve recently put my hand into. In fact, this is one of my favorite ways to make money online. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. And since so many people interact with other accounts, brands see an opportunity for business. Brands are willing to spend huge amounts to reach audience.

Make money on instagram

All you need is a loyal audience. The more number of followers, the better amount you get paid. Additionally, if you don’t have a large following and still want to earn money through Instagram, check out my detailed guide on how to make money with just 500 followers.

You should be able to take good photos and also edit them using software like Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop. For my Instagram I edit photos using Adobe Lightroom. It basically comes down to your creativity and uniqueness. Also make sure you switch to a business account as I’ve mentioned in this article.

Also try to keep a single niche as it grabs more attention than going in every direction. You can even sell your own products as your audience grows. Currently I have over 2500 followers on Instagram as I’m building my brand. Here is my Instagram handle: @smartdigitalprotocol, feel free to say hello or ask me to help you with certain query, I will try to reply as soon as possible.

8. Become a Graphic Designer (make money online)

Graphic design has become one of the major aspects for businesses with the growth in content creation industry. Graphics is something that grabs people’s attention towards a product or a service or anything for that matter.

Would you prefer a poor quality image with no significant meaning? I’m pretty sure that answer is no. In fact, on YouTube, most of the people attract audience by their thumbnails. And since graphic design is in high demand, you can seize the opportunity and make good amount out of it.

It does require skills but even if you’re a beginner, you can improve it either by the courses on Udemy or use YouTube.

As a beginner, you can expect to earn $15-$35 an hour. And once you have reached the expert level, I know people who even charge $1000 per project.

If you’re looking for freelancing jobs, you can visit the websites below:

9. Sell a service on Fiverr to make money online

Fiverr.com is a global online marketplace which offers tasks, services, and products, with price as low as $5. According to Neilpatel.com Fiverr gets approximately 1.5 million unique organic visitors each month. You can use Fiverr’s audience to sell your products or services.

The best part about Fiverr is that their algorithm will automatically mention you at top if your service or products are unique and good. You don’t even need to worry about the payment as they will take care of it.

Ratings have high impacts on how well you will do on Fiverr. Higher your ratings, the more number of customers you will get. You can offer any kind of service as they practically have everything on their platform. Initially you might get paid less but as you increase your level on the website, you can start to charge more.

Top Fiverr sellers make over $60000 a year by providing high quality content. Do you think this is the best way to make money online?

10. Resell items on eBay

eBay.com is one of the most popular website to buy and sell goods on the internet. It’s a website where you can build a business if you have the passion for it. You can find new or second-hand items, from books and clothes to cars to almost everything there.

How eBay works is: Firstly, a seller lists an item. It could be anything from antiques to mobile phones. Secondly, the seller has the option to choose if the item is going to be sold at a fixed price or accept bids only. If the listing is auction-type’ the bidding will open at a price and would remain open for certain number of days. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder wins. But, in a fixed price listing, the buyer has the pay the fixed amount.

Tips to make money online (on eBay): 

  • If you are completely new to eBay and your account does not have any feedback, then getting some feedback before starting to sell anything is a good practice.
  • Start small – Most of the eBay resellers buy a bulk wholesale stock of any particular product then sell it on eBay at a retail price.
  • Research – Now as you have a list of few ready to sell items you must ensure that there is a market for them. Take 10 minutes to Google your item and uncover its true market value on eBay and another bunch of e-commerce sites.
  • Craft the title – Title is the single most important factor for grabbing the attention of your potential buyer. Make sure your title is appealing, complete and you’ve included targeted keywords.
  • Write item’s description – Fill out all the fields in your listing, and make sure your textual description is providing all the information that your potential buyer might look for.
  • Upload item’s pictures – Upload only high-quality pictures. Ensure that item’s pictures are new, clear (not blurry) and cover the product from all angles.
  • Timing – Most of the expert sellers use 10-day listing starting on Thursday as You’ll usually receive the highest traffic on weekends.

11. Do Email Marketing

Email Marketing is actually another form of affiliate marketing. Through email marketing, you’re able to make people aware of a product or service in bulk. Email marketing is very profitable but it takes time to build an email list. To build an email list, you need to give free value to your audience.

The emails sent usually comprise of any of the following:

  • Business requests
  • Request for any sales
  • Advertisements

Make sure you focus on the quality of your service or product. Or, if it is an affiliate product make sure it is worth investing money in. There are many email marketing platforms. I currently use MailChimp which is free for the first 2000 contacts, but they do have paid plans if you have a bigger email list. AWeber is one of the best paid email marketing platform out there. You can check it out here.

12. Create WordPress themes

WordPress is the easiest and the most powerful blogging and website content management system. 30% of the websites in the world are managed by WordPress. It literally has all the featured required that you can imagine. So with growth in Internet marketing, more and more people prefer owning a website. This raises demand for themes for WordPress websites. Everyone wants to have a unique theme. It is one of the best ways to make money online.

You can seize the opportunity by selling you own themes. This does require the knowledge of coding and creative web designing.

Even if you don’t have knowledge of coding and are willing to learn, head over to w3schools.com. Here you can learn as well as try at the same time. I referred to them as well while designing my website. On average, a theme sells for $49-$150 depending on the quality and options available.

NOTE: Make sure the theme that you’re designing is SEO friendly.

13. Click and sell photos to make money online

If you’re good at photography and want to sell your work, there are many websites where you can make a living. You should be able to take versatile and creative photos. Experiences people can start immediately by signing up on websites like Shutterstock.

You do require a camera to do so. You can find out about the best cameras of 2020 here. GoPro is one of the best and easy to handle camera.

The more professional and creative your photos are; the more money you will make. Mentioned below are the websites where you can monetize your content:

14. Start a Podcast

Podcast is one of the fastest way to grow your audience in 2020. It is suitable for people who are good at expressing their thoughts. You should have complete knowledge of the topic that you are going to explain. Make it unique as quality and uniqueness attracts loyal audience.

Before you start recording, make sure you are prepared with a script. Record your podcast using a good quality mic. If you’re on budget and are not willing to spend much on a microphone, you can buy THIS one. I personally use this and did not face any problem yet.

The final step will be to publish your podcast. You can publish your podcast on:

  • Buzzsprout
  • Podbean
  • Transistor
  • Captivate

These are just a few websites, there are many more you can choose from. To make money by podcast, you can either sell it or insert a commercial.

15. Sell video courses on Udemy

Udemy.com is an online learning marketplace where you can choose from variety of courses to improve your skills. They offer courses in almost every field. So if you plan on making money on Udemy, you can create a course in text, audio, and video formats. The most preferable would be video format. Every course is available on demand and students can learn at their own pace, at the time of their choosing and on any device.

You should have in-depth knowledge of any domain of your choice. Also, you should be able to express knowledge in easily understood form.

Udemy gets a lot of daily visitors so there is a good chance that your course will get picked up by someone. You can even start your own blog which is related to your course and promote your course. That way you can make money online by your course and monetize your blog as well.

Make sure you grab the Bluehost discount.

Cash For Apps App – still works in 2020?

cash for apps

With every passing day, we all have the urge to purchase the latest technology or other high-quality products. This thus results in an increasing necessity to work more. This way, we can earn a sufficient amount of money. In other words, with the present rate of increasing needs, there’s an increasing need for more money. Instead of spending extended hours of work to earn that extra money, Cash For Apps can be used.

The Cash For Apps app doesn’t really help you make a huge amount of money. You can’t expect to earn hundreds of dollars from it. It only helps you make some extra bucks in small amounts. Over the years, this money could help you deal with your additional expenses.

However, one should not entirely rely only on Cash For Apps as a source of income. Remember, it only counts as an additional source of income. You could even consider this as a means to earn your pocket money and save up over time.

There are several apps that claim to pay you for downloading the featured apps. This may require you to fulfill certain criteria. But to what extent are these accurate? Well, not all the apps genuinely pay you for doing the tasks that the app asks. In most cases, the app pays you in the beginning. With time, it stops doing so.

Now the question is, can you actually make money with Cash For Apps? Is it really genuine? Let’s find out.

What Exactly Is The Cash For Apps App?

cash for apps

Cash For Apps is a smartphone app that rewards you for downloading certain featured apps. The rewards are provided in the form of points or gift cards. MobVantage Marketing Ltd. is a digital marketing agency that owns the credit for this app. This app was founded under the company’s Director Taylor Smears. The Cash For Apps Company is currently headquartered in California.

The app’s tagline description on Google Play Store says, “Try cool new apps, collect points, and receive FREE gift cards!

However, you may wonder how far this statement is true. It is common for us to think about whether they truly pay for simply downloading the featured apps. How can it be that simple?

Well, it would not cause us any harm in trying out new apps. Receiving rewards (in the form of points/gift cards) for doing so sounds quite interesting, right?

Presently, Cash For Apps has more than 10 million downloads. It has a rating of 4.5 stars and has been reviewed by over 355,000 individuals.

All the apps available for download within this app are completely free. You do not need to purchase any of them. There are a wide range of featured apps available for download. These include games, music apps, online shopping apps, and many more. You are free to download any apps based on your interests.

Now let’s see how exactly this app works and how it pays for downloading the featured apps.

How Does Cash For Apps Work?

cash for apps

Now that you know what the app is, let’s see how to start using it. Also, let’s have a look at how exactly the whole thing works.

Using Cash For Apps is not complicated. It is an extremely user-friendly app. It can be used by anyone and every one with great ease.

How do you start using Cash For Apps? It’s very simple. Just follow these steps and start making some extra bucks!

  • Go to Google Play Store and download Cash For Apps.
  • Read all the necessary details, accept the terms and conditions, and install the app.
  • Further, enter your email address and create a password for the purpose of registration.
  • In case you have been invited by any of your friends, you can enter the unique referral code on the following page. If not, skip this step.

However, if you have a referral code, you receive 20 points to get started with. Additionally, your friend will receive 90 points (for an iOS user) or $45 (for an Android user) once you download the first featured app.

  • After that, the main page of Cash For Apps appears. It shows you a list of all the different featured apps available for download.
  • Depending on your preferences, choose and download apps from the list provided.
  • Once you download the apps, complete the necessary tasks to earn your points.
  • Then, you just have to wait until you receive your points.

It’s as simple as that!

Earning Points With Cash For Apps

cash for apps

The number of points earned varies for different apps. After downloading a certain featured app, you earn the corresponding points. In some cases, this may require you to fulfill certain criteria. For instance, you may be required to use the app for a minimal period. On fulfilling the minimal usage requirements, you will receive the points.

The points usually take up to 24 hours to show up in your linked account. The points thus earned can further be traded for gift cards. You are free to redeem the points for any gift card of your choice.

For the majority of the apps, the points usually vary from 50 to 300. Here, 300 points equal $1. Therefore, for instance, say you have 3000 points. This implies that you have a gift card worth $10. You are free to redeem the points at any given time.

In addition, you can also trade the points for PayPal cash out. For this purpose, you need to provide the necessary account details. You can simply choose the corresponding option for trading the points for money.

The money will then be directly transferred to your account via PayPal. Therefore, the cash for apps’ points can be in the form of gift cards or actual money.

After you receive your rewards, which are given in the form of points, you are free to uninstall the apps. However, if you wish to continue using the downloaded apps, there’s no restriction on that!

Earning A Bit Extra From Cash For Apps

While one can easily earn a few points by downloading featured apps, there are ways to earn a little extra too.

Besides fulfilling certain usage criteria of apps and earning points, you are provided with a Share tab in Cash For Apps. This tab gives you a particular code that can be shared with your friends. In doing so, you have a chance to receive free points when your friend signs up using your code. In other words, this is like a referral code that gets you points for each sign-up.

Besides this, there is also a Tasks tab. However, this is accessible only after some app offers have been unlocked. This section helps you receive some extra offers by watching some videos and/or taking surveys.

Therefore, you are free to earn points and trade them for gift cards or cash them out or get certain app offers. It all just takes a few minutes.

Cash For Apps – The Pros

Cash For Apps has a number of pros. A few of these are mentioned below.

  • One of the biggest upsides of the Cash For Apps app is that it genuinely does what it says. It does pay you for downloading the featured apps. However, in some cases, you need to complete certain usage criteria to earn points. But it is worth it! You can earn some extra cash with great ease.
  • Cash For Apps is very user-friendly. People of all ages can use it with ease.
  • There are no technical issues with the Cash For Apps app.
  • In order to earn that extra cash, you don’t have to necessarily spend long hours on Cash For Apps. Just about 30 minutes a day could easily earn you about $30-$40 per month. And all of this just by downloading apps and using it for the minimum period.
  • You don’t necessarily have to be at a specific place or time to make use of it. The Cash For Apps app can be easily used from anywhere and everywhere. You can use it whenever you get some free time. This way, you make the best use of your spare time by making some extra cash.
  • Further, with cash For Apps, you can choose from a wide variety of gift cards. These include gift cards from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Best Buy, and many more.
  • In addition, it also provides a number of offers that help you earn rewards on completion.

Cash For Apps – The Cons

Just like everything in our life has upsides as well as downsides, Cash For Apps too has a few negatives to it.

  • Firstly, it earns you a very minimal amount of money. Although it is an easy way to make money, over time, it may not entirely be worth the time. However, you can always earn more through the same app by investing more time. But it isn’t the best possible way to earn.
  • Secondly, Cash For Apps requires your direct involvement in order to be able to earn money. This implies that you personally need to invest your time and energy every time to equal some amount of money. Therefore, Cash For Apps is a non-passive source of income.

Due to these limitations, using Cash For Apps to earn some extra cash may not seem like the best thing to do.

Conclusion Of Cash For Apps

After considering all the pros and cons of Cash For Apps, it is quite confusing to decide whether it is truly worth it or not. To be honest, there are a number of ways to earn some extra cash. Using an app such as Cash For Apps isn’t the only solution. The different passive sources of income are a good consideration. These include starting a blog, online advertising, affiliate marketing and many more.

If your question is whether Cash For Apps actually pays you for completing the required tasks, the answer is yes. But if your question is whether it is really worth it, my answer is a no.

Therefore, Cash For Apps is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get free gift cards. Additionally, you can also get free in-app purchases with great ease with the help of Cash For Apps.

However, one should not entirely rely on this. After spending your time on Cash For Apps, you can barely make a few dollars per month.

This may not sound too bad for everyone. But for those who are passionate about business and money, this is surely not worth being a side hustle. You could rather invest this time into something that will help you earn a good and stable income with time.

In conclusion, you can try out Cash For Apps for a short period and make some cash, but don’t misuse your time for the same.  What are your opinions on Cash For Apps? Let us know in comment section.

Make money on Instagram with just 500 followers in 2020 (Detailed Guide)

Make money on instagram

There is no doubt that Instagram has gained popularity fairly quickly. With over one billion active users, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platform. Due to large active user base, it has become easier to make money on Instagram even if you don’t have a large following.

I have tried multiple ways to monetize my Instagram and failed until I finally learnt how to make money on Instagram. In this detailed guide, I will explain how to start your Instagram from scratch up to how you can build a business.

Content Creation Master Plan

First things first, you need to switch to a business account. I will explain later in this blog why it is necessary. Before you start posting content, you need to select a niche. Suppose you choose photography as your niche, you can post your amazing photos on your page which will eventually help you grow. All you require is a nice camera and you’re good to go. Depending on your first 10-20 photos people will decide whether they will follow you or not.

Keeping that in mind you should always make sure you post your best work. You can even use editing software like Adobe Photoshop to make your content look even better. Always keep a consistent theme with beautiful colors that match up. Additionally, the post should tell the story behind to the audience. People tend to follow you if you provide value. You need to be sure of what you want people visiting your profile to see.

Apps to create great photos

make money on instagram

If you plan on creating content on your phone, Adobe Spark Post is one of the best options available. It supports both Android and iOS. You can even use their stock images wherever required. Most of the features they offer are free. You will not require the premium package in the beginning. Even if you do subscribe their paid subscription it will only cost you $9.99 per month and $99.99 annually.

Alternative to Adobe is Canva, most of the influencers use Canva to create beautiful images. You can use it on your phone and pc as well. Few of the features are free but if you plan on using it to build your page then I would suggest you to sign up for premium subscription.

What to post to make money on Instagram

make money on instgram

While posting your amazing pics, you can even repost content of other people as well. Choose the content that is already doing well and post it on your page. Do not forget to give them credit. This strategy allows you to post a lot of content and be really active all the time.

Though this is a good strategy but it is not good to always post someone else’s content. It’s better to have 1 in 8 post that is not yours. you need to have a lot of good content to make money on Instagram.

How to find the best performing content to repost?

You need to look for great accounts in your niche with content similar to yours, that can easily integrate with your theme. Of course, you don’t want to repost your competitors’ content, because you don’t want to promote them, but those that have products or businesses related to your own. So for example, if you have a fashion-related Instagram profile you could sometimes post a picture with a nice watch or other times a picture with a great travel destination and so on.

When looking in your market for great content to repost you need to search for top performing images – with lots of comments and likes and basically engagement. But also look in your community what other people are reposting, the influencers in your market, your competitors. Try to get your inspiration from other huge accounts.

Posting Strategies to Make Money on Instsgram

Most of the people get confused with how many posts they should create to start reaching larger audience. All the studies and research done says that consistency is the key to become successful on Instagram. The conclusions from those studies suggests that posting 2-3 times a day is sufficient.

This is because in order for your IG account to grow fast and long term you need engaged and loyal followers. The more these followers engage with your content the higher your content is valued and shown to them. The one thing all these followers want is consistency though. This is both in the type of content you share and how much of it you give them.

It is true that Instagram is a visual medium and many people concentrate on the images alone. However, captions are as important as the image. You’ll never be able to constantly produce award winning images and videos and even if you do, unless you have a highly recognized brand people will often miss them. This is where the captions come to your aid.

You can use your caption in many inventive ways in order to attract the attention of your followers and visitors and make them engage with your content. After all, it’s all about engagement. The more likes and comments your posts have the better they are ranked, and will be shown to more and more people.

Hashtag Research to Make Money on Instagram

Hashtags on Instagram have special pages named “hashtag feeds”. All posts that used that hashtag are shown on those pages. So each time you use a hashtag in the caption of your post, that post will be shown on that hashtag’s feed under “latest posts”. On top of that, if your post has a lot of engagement it means that it’s interesting and people like it so Instagram also shows it on the “top posts” section for that hashtag, where everyone who visits that hashtag sees it. This all translates in a lot of free, easy to get organic traffic for your account.

On top of this, people can follow hashtags now. So this means that you can end up on someone’s feed even if he’s not a follower. If you do and they like what they see they will likely become followers though.

Doing the hashtag research

make money on instagram

Yes, this step will take some time but it’s really important and if you do it correctly you’ll only have to do it once. The idea is that you’ll gather a portfolio of the best hashtags in your industry and use them as needed every time you post. This way you don’t need to come up with hashtags as you post and are sure to get the highest possible return because you’re always using the right hashtags.

There are two ways to do your hashtag research: manually or using a tool. I use an android app called in Tags. There are many other similar apps that you can use to see how many people are following the hashtags you plan on using.

In a single post, you can use up to 30 hashtags. Though it is not really necessary to use all 30. I use 15-20 hashtags in each of my posts and I am able to generate desirable results.

Best Posting Time

You’ll find a lot studies and research online telling you the exact days and times you need to post on in order to get the maximum exposure. Unfortunately, it’s all based on the limited data they had at their disposal. And the chance of it working out of the box for you is slim to none. This is because it all depends on several factors that are completely different from account to account and also constantly changing.

You’ll have to keep in mind however that your account will keep growing so this data will obviously change over time as you’ll be getting more and more followers. So this is not a one-time research but rather a constant thing you’ll need to do. Fortunately, you too will gather more and more data in time so it will get easier.

Here are some times of the day to start your data gathering off, based on the top research done till now:

  • Higher engagement is reported on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays during the morning commute (8 am to 9 am), late at night (2 am), end of the 9-to-5 workday (5 pm)
  • You should also experiment with Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between 9 am and 6 pm
  • Videos are reportedly to get the most engagement between 9 pm and 8 am
  • You should post your top content during the week, as it seems overall lower engagement is seen during the weekend

Maintain a Healthy Engagement Rate

Maintaining a high engagement rate on your account is extremely important because this is how Instagram measures the health of your account and help it get discovered by more people.

After discovering your account, people might like, comment or even share your content. Or they screenshot your post to share it with their friends or even save it. All this activity around your profile is very important because Instagram uses them as metrics to judge your engagement.

So it’s very important that you build an engaged following if you want to drive sales from your Instagram page. Now, let’s see some tactics and strategies for keeping your audience active and engaged.

#1 Respond to comments

Tactic number one for making sure you have a strong engagement on your profile is to write back to people’s comments and messages. This is very important because if people are taking their time to look at what your brand is doing and leave a message you want to say thank you and show your appreciation.

#2 Do S4S (Shoutout for Shoutout)

Tactic number 2 is to do as much Shoutout for Shoutout (S4S) as possible. By doing that you get as many people as possible to share your content.
We will have quite a few lessons about this strategy and how to best approach it. But, the bottom line is that you need to be thinking about doing partnerships. Getting other people to share your content and exposing your page to other audiences. You share their own content in return. This way you will both benefit from maximum exposure and expand your reach. It’s a win-win growth tactic.

#3 Be consistent

Being consistent with your posting will keep your audience engaged. So you need to make sure you post every single day high-quality content. The more consistent you are with your posting, the faster your accounts will grow.

#4 Engage with other pages

Another great tactic to keep a strong engagement is to comment, like, engage with other Instagram accounts in your niche. Always search for new hashtags in your niche to constantly have a fresh new batch of people that you can engage with. Commenting and engaging with them will make them notice your brand, follow along and eventually buy from you. But first, you need to get their attention.

People will come and go so making sure you have a good influx of new people coming in by commenting, liking and engaging with their content.

#5 Use hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to reference images and an extremely powerful way to reach new people that might like your content. So for example, if you have a shoe brand you might want to put in the hashtags for the kind of shoe you’re promoting because people might be searching. People that are really into sneakers might be looking for that particular shoe.

Using niche and targeted hashtags is actually the one growth method recommended by Instagram to get your content in front of new people. They created this feature with this one purpose in mind: to help you get your content discovered by people interested in what you publish.

#6 Reward engagement

This is something that many big Instagram accounts are doing and have amazing success with it. For example, @garyvee had this tactic that he named “the sixty-second club” to get people commenting within sixty minutes of when he posts on Instagram. So, he encourages people to turn on notifications for his page so every time he posts a video or an image on his feed people will get a push notification on their phone and they go and write a comment because they have a chance of winning something.

Other brands have a different approach like featuring their loyal customers or the most engaged followers on their page. Or even using giveaways to spark up the engagement and reward the lucky few that will win the contest.

Another tactic to grow your engagement rate is to have a clear call to action in your caption or even in your post.

Can you make money on Instagram?

Yes, you can! There has been a myth going around that you need hundreds of thousands of followers to make money on Instagram. That is not true. You can make money on Instagram with just as low as 500 followers. In fact, there are multiple ways to monetize your Instagram.

You need to post constantly and provide value to your audience in order to gain loyal followers. The benefit of that is they will stay for longer than others. Before promoting anything on Instagram, you need to have an outstanding page.

Focus on your growth in the beginning by using hashtags and doing s4s with accounts similar to yours. The strategy I use is commenting on the posts of big accounts that attracts followers. I usually comment on 50 different posts that has helped me gain 70-100 followers a day. According to me this is one of the best ways to attract people to your account.

How to make money on Instagram?

I often get DM’s of people asking me “how do you make money on Instagram?”. Before you start you need to make up your mind on what monetization route you’ll take. There are many ways to earn with your account and each can involve different strategies that you have to apply. Also depending on what you want to do you can start monetizing right away. There is no need to wait until you reach a minimum number of followers.

Let’s talk about all the monetization options available so you have a better overview of what exactly you can do.

1. Selling your product to make money on Instagram

This is one of the main things people with a personal branded Instagram page try to do. And it’s a good strategy. Growing your followers base and having a product that you can push to them is a great way of making money. Due to the fact that it’s your own product if your followers trust you, they will more easily be swayed to check it out and buy it from you.

A product can either be a physical product, an e-book or even a service. If you control it, you get all the revenue from it and can make sure the quality is top notch. If you do this, you’re bound for success. Make money on Instagram by selling your product.

The downside to this option is that you need the product. Either create it if it’s a book or digital goods and services or alternately try dropshipping or find another good supplier that you can rely on for a physical product.

2. Becoming an affiliate

You can become an affiliate for a high quality product in your niche and sell it for a share of the profit. Here are 67+ high paying affiliate programs. I make money on Instagram using affiliate programs.

It’s a largely used method given that it’s faster to start with and you can spend most of your time on increasing your followers count and nothing else. Do the initial research, pick a good product to be an affiliate with, or even several of them if you want to have some backup and after that you’re free to only grow your account.

E-books and digital goods can go from 50% revenue share up to 70% revenue share for you. Physical products usually go from 5% to 15%. This is one of the best way to monetize a beginner.

3. Growing your email list

This is something you should do regardless of the way you’re monetizing your account, however there are people that use their account with this tactic. I use Aweber as it is one of the best email marketing platform.

It does require some skill and knowledge though. The idea is simple – create an email list of people interested in certain products (your niche). You can use that list to sell your own product or become affiliate to other products and sell them. You can continue selling to these people over and over again, especially if you create a strong connection and they trust you.

4. Working with brands

This depends on the type of account and the quality of your followers. You have multiple brands in your industry to choose from. This is something that has picked up traction lately and more and more people with really targeted accounts and a decently big following started doing.

These brands send you different kinds of products. You have to review and post about it to your followers. It works great with clothing, gadgets and pretty much all kinds of physical goods. Instagrammers even get free meals in top restaurants for a post about their time there.

This is mostly for accounts with a moderate number of followers, as the more followers you’ll have the more you’ll ask for your promotion. Accounts having hundreds of thousands of followers will also ask for money on top of the goods they receive.

5. Selling shoutouts

There are people using their Instagram account just to sell shoutouts. You should know what they are by now, but just in case – they are basically a post about someone else’s account where you mention them in the caption with a “@username”. This is used by many people to grow their own accounts by either shoutout exchanges or just buying them from accounts a lot larger than theirs. So, there are of course people that sell them. Most of the people make money on Instagram using this strategy.

Depending on how big your account is, you can make a lot of money. You can get anywhere from $10 up to $1000 and more for just a post mentioning someone else’s account.

6. Account management

Offer your services to other people to help them grow their account. You can become an account manager and actually grow accounts for other people. This has started to be a very profitable business lately. More and more people want to take advantage of Instagram. But they don’t have the money to hire a full time employee or the time and knowledge to do this themselves. This is a good way to make money on Instagram.

Depending on what businesses you find and what you actually do with those accounts you can ask for anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to $1000 and more to manage a single account per month. You will take care of its growth and everything it takes to make it successful. This might not sound much, but you don’t have to have just one client, you can have 10, 20 even 100 clients. With 50 clients at a moderate $400 per client per month you can have an income of $20.000 per month. There are people making a lot more with this tactic. And there’s space for a lot more competition as well.

7. Create content for others to make money on Instagram

This is another strategy I personally used when I started monetizing my Instagram accounts. I created posts and stories for other accounts. Depending on how much effort it will take, you can set the price for your clients. I was able to make $700 per month by creating content using Photoshop. $700 is quite decent amount for working around 2-3 hours daily at home.

It’s not an easy process, it takes effort to look for clients and work takes time as well. But if you produce quality content then you can really succeed on Instagram. I suggest you look for more than one client. That way you will be able to generate good monthly income.


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platform. More and more people are building their business. The secret to make money on Instagram is consistency.

Join 67+ Best Affiliate Programs for 2020 (Highest paying for beginners)

affiliate programs

Affiliate Marketing is the most profitable way to make money online. Everyday thousands of publishers benefit by partnering up with companies via Affiliate Programs. You literally build a passive income that would benefit you on a long term.

Affiliate Marketing is basically selling other people’s products without owning them. For each sale you earn a commission. The commission varies with each affiliate program.

There are many ways to make money online. Most of the people prefer Google Adsense as it is the best ad network. There are other ad networks as well that you could earn from. Here are few alternatives of Google Adsense. Apart from that, if you’re getting good traffic on your website, joining Affiliate Programs would really skyrocket your revenue.

Joining affiliate programs can get you exclusive access to new content and special deals to your audience and increasing your monthly revenue.

There are many different types of affiliate programs ranging from web hosting to travel to online courses and so on. In this article we are going to explore the 67+ Affiliate Programs that pay you high commission. To earn the commission, all you have to do is sign up and start promoting. You basically get paid for the amazing content you provide to your audience.

Before we get started, let’s understand what an affiliate program is and how it works?

What is an Affiliate Program?

Simply put, affiliate programs, are arrangements in which an online merchant website pays affiliate websites a commission to send them traffic.

These affiliate websites post links to the merchant site and are paid according to a particular agreement. This agreement is usually based on the number of people the affiliate sends to the merchant’s site, or the number of people they send who buy something or perform some other action.

Some arrangements pay according to the number of people who visit the page containing their merchant site’s banner advertisement.

Basically, if a link on an affiliate site brings the merchant site traffic or money, the merchant site pays the affiliate site according to their agreement.

Recruiting affiliates is an excellent way to sell products online, but it can also be a cheap and effective marketing strategy; it’s a good way to get the word out about your site.

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

affiliate programs

Web hosting is currently one of the most popular and highest paying category. There are many hosts out there few of which are mentioned below. Since they pay high commission, its benefits people affiliates as well as the people who buy it as they receive premium services.

If you want to refer these web hosting platforms, you have to be familiar first. If you use it yourself or should have done good research about it. Higher commission should not be the primary goal while referring. The program must contain all the features necessary.

Here are my pics for best web hosting affiliate programs:

1) Bluehost

Commission: $65 per signup

Cookie life: 45 days

30% of all the websites on the internet today are powered by wordpress. Bluehost is one of the best options for hosting your website.  To join Bluehost Affiliate Program you need to have your own website. Lucky for you, here you can grab 66% discount + free domain.

Bluehost has an affiliate program where they pay $65 commission for each qualified sale. It is free to join. Signing up takes only a few minutes and is completely FREE. You’ll receive a unique tracking link for use on your website right away. The good thing about Bluehost is its cookie duration. After a customer clicks your link, you will still get paid if they purchase a plan within 45 days. you can find my Bluehost affiliate program review here.

You get a variety of options to promote Bluehost on your website. Banners are the best options and you can even insert text links in your post. I highly recommend Bluehost as it is my #1 overall pick.

If you still require a website, then click on my link and enjoy 66% discount on your web hosting.

Get started with Bluehost.

2) SiteGround

Commission: $50-$125 per signup

Cookie Life: 30 Days

Site Ground is yet another amazing web hosting platform trusted by over 2 million domain owners. It has an affiliate program that offers commissions varying from $50 per sale to $125 per sale. In fact, wordpress.org recommends SiteGround to users.

They support shared hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated hosting. As you join the affiliate program, you will be provided with variety of banners and logos. You can even request for custom logo. They even provide a cPanel with real time tracking.

You can check out my SiteGround Review here.

Your commission depends on the number of sales you make.

  • 1-5 sales/month: $50 per sale
  • 6-10 sales/month: $75 per sale
  • 11-20 sales/month: $100 per sale
  • 21+ sales/month: $125 per sale

Get started with SiteGround.

3) WP Engine

Commission: $200+ per signup

Cookie Life:  180 days

WP Engine has an award winning affiliate program that pays a minimum $200 per sale. It is a really powerful web hosting platform which provides great speed to its users. You can not only earn by promoting their hosting program but you even make money by promoting StudioPress themes.

Every time you make a StudioPress Theme sale, you earn 35% of the commission. The cookie duration for StudioPress is 60 days.

As you join the affiliate program you get access to exclusive discounts for your audience. They offer fairly long cookie duration of 180 days so you don’t miss out on your commission.

Get started with WP Engine.

4) HostGator

Commission: $65-$125 per signup

Cookie Life:  60 days

HostGator is another reliable hosting platform which has a high paying affiliate program. You get paid $65-$125 per signup depending on the number of sales you make.

They offer 60 days’ cookie duration. You’re provided with custom coupon code, unique affiliate link, and multiple banners to convert your visitors into customers. As soon as anyone uses your referral link or coupon code, you receive the commission from HostGator. The commissions are as follows:

  • 1-5 sales/month: $65 per sale
  • 6-10 sales/month: $75 per sale
  • 11-20 sales/month: $100 per sale
  • 21+ sales/month: $125 per sale

Get started with HostGator.

4) Kinsta

Commission: $50-$500+10% per month

Cookie Life:  60 days

Kinsta has one of the highest paying affiliate programs which pay up to $500 per sale. It is a web hosting platform which provides premium WordPress support. They provide customers with 10 hosting plans.

You not only get a fixed commission but they even give you additional 10% per month on the number of customers you provide them with. So, if you were to provide 5 sales for Business 1 pack, due to recurring income, your commission will be $1350 per month after year 1.

They even have cookie duration of 60 days so you receive your commission even if the customer takes time to purchase. I definitely recommend Kinsta if you really want to skyrocket your business.

Get started with Kinsta.

Website Builder Affiliate Programs

affiliate programs

The second best category to promote affiliate program is Website builder. Website builders helps you to create amazing websites depending on your needs. If you want to build your website, the Wix is a good platform. If you prefer e-commerce website, the BigCommerce is the platform for you.

Similarly, Shopify is excellent for dropshipping. Additionally, customers who purchase these tend to stay for longer durations. Due to that, SaaS companies even offer over 100% commission of their monthly sale price. You are even provided with longer cookie duration; few even offer 90 days’ time period.

Here are my picks for top website Builder Affiliate programs.

1) Shopify

Commission: 200%

Cookie Life:  30 days

Shopify is one of the best and most popular ecommerce website builder with a high paying affiliate program of 200%. It is the perfect platform for dropshipping. Shopify provides its customers with:

  • Website Builders
  • Shopping carts
  • Web Hosting
  • Store management tools
  • Analytics features
  • Payment processing

If you’re planning to start dropshipping, shopify is my #1 recommendation.

The affiliate earns a huge commission of 200% on each sale. If you refer someone for Shopify Plus subscription, you straight up get $2000 bounty payment. Shopify claims that using their service, businesses over the world have made over $100 billion in sales.

Get started with Shopify.

2) BigCommerce

Commission: 200-500%

Cookie Life:  90 days

BigCommerce is an online store builder. They provide advanced functionality to their users. And just like every other quality platform they have a high paying affiliate program as well. They have multiple packages according to the needs of their customers.

The cookie life is 90 days and on each package that you sell, you earn commission ranging from 200%-500%. BigCommerce takes your business to a whole new level. Depending on the plan the customer purchases you can earn $60, $160, $250 or $1500. For promoting them, they provide, banner ads and text links.

Get started with BigCommerce.

3) Wix

Commission: $100

Cookie Life:  30 days

Wix is another website builder which has over 109 million users all around the globe. You can use wix to design your own high quality website. They have an affiliate program that pays $100 per sale and has cookie life of 30 days.

There is no restriction as to how much money you can make using wix. You get paid for the number of people you refer using your website. Using wix you can create amazing responsive website and grow your business. They even claim to have best SEO so that you can be found organically in the search engine.

Get started with Wix.

4) Site123

Commission: $182

Cookie Life:  30 days

Site123 is a very famous website builder with variety of templates. It helps you create a mobile friendly website without having to put much effort. You’re provided with SEO tools as well to rank on Google. By joining their affiliate program, you could earn up to $182.

The minimum threshold to withdraw your earnings from Site123 is $300. Additionally, they provide you with cookie life of 30 days.

Get started with Site123.

5) Volusion

Commission: 200%

Cookie Life:  45 days

Volusion is an ecommerce solution trusted by over 180,000 online business owners. It helps you create your own online store in a few simple steps. They have all the tools you need to get started and they are free to use.

Volusion provides its customers with 14 days’ trial period and people tend to stay after the trial. They have an affiliate program that pays 200% commission on each sale that you make. The cookie duration they allow is 45 days.

Get started with Volusion.

6) 3D Cart

Commission: 300%

Cookie Life:  45 days

3D cart is a rapidly growing ecommerce platform which helps your business reach people online with their SEO. They offer a high paying affiliate program that pays you 300% commissions up to $687 per person that you refer.

Their affiliate program runs on Commission and ShareAsale and offers cookie duration of 45 days.

3D Cart offers over 200 features and has 50 free themes to choose from. Your sale automatically increases with 3D Cart as you’re able to reach more people.

Get started with 3D Cart.

7) Weebly

Commission: 30% recurring

Cookie Life:  120 days

Weebly is a professional website builder that is trusted by over 40 million+ users across the globe. Using weebly, it’s easier to create website as all you have to do is drag and drop.

They have unique featured with hundreds of themes to choose from. Their affiliate program provides you with 120 days’ cookie window. You get a 30% commission as long as user decides to use their service. The affiliate program runs on ShareAsale and has high conversion rate.

Get started with Weebly.

Marketing and Business Affiliate Programs

affiliate programs

Few companies offer their high quality service and help businesses grow. It does not matter if your business is small or big, these platforms have all the necessary tools. Hubspot has helped over a million organizations skyrocket their business.

From email marketing to keyword research tools, this list has the best high paying affiliate programs. These are not just high paying programs; they provide value to their customers. The programs under this category offers commissions as high as $1000 per sale.

Key to earning huge commissions is increasing traffic. You can learn how to increase your traffic using SEMRush here.

Here are my picks for best Markeing and Business Affiliate Programs:

1) HubSpot

Commission: Up to $1000 per sale

Cookie Life:  90 days

HubSpot is an award-winning platform that helps millions of organizations grow their business. They have variety of software marketing, sales, and customer service. Hubspot provides its users with free CRM that helps you to organize, track, and build better relationships with customers.

Their affiliate program is one of the highest paying with a maximum of $1000 per sale. Your commission depends on the product your referral has purchased.

  • Starter pack would earn you $250 for each sale that you make.
  • Professional/CMS would pay you $500 per sale
  • Enterprise would earn you a commission of $1000 for each referral.

They have cookie life of 90 days. Additionally, if a customer were to buy more than one product you would earn commission on that as well.

Get started with HubSpot.

2) Aweber

Commission: 30% recurring

Cookie Life:  One Year

AWeber is an email marketing service provider that has helped millions of businesses grow. The platform has all the features including Newsletter Signup, Email Automation, and Sign up forms etc. It really helps you boost your sales via email marketing. It is indeed my #1 recommendation.

There are 2 ways affiliates can earn through AWeber.

  • Firstly, by joining in house partners program, affiliate earns 30% commission each month till the customer is active. They provide cookie duration of a year.
  • Secondly, if a customer joins through CJ affiliate, you earn $300. The cookie life for this is 45 days.

You can read my AWeber review here.

Get started with Aweber.

3) ConvertKit

Commission: 30% recurring

Cookie Life:  30 days

ConvertKit is email marketing software for creators as it helps them build unique looking landing pages. It has variety of plans depending on user’s needs. Their affiliate program pays you 30% recurring commission till the customer remains active. The cookie life is comparatively shorter with only 30 days.

Get started with ConvertKit.

4) GetResponse

Commission: 33% recurring or $100 per referral

Cookie Life:  120 days

GetResponse is a marketing platform that offers variety of features like email marketing and opt-in form. It’s easy to use and is cost-effective as well. There are two ways to monetize your website using this platform.

  • Affiliate Bounty Program: You get one-time commission of $100 per person referred.
  • Affiliate recurring program: You get 33% recurring commission till the user is active.

Get started with GetResponse.

5) Leadpages

Commission: 30% recurring

Cookie Life:  30 days

Leadpages helps you customize your landing pages to help boost sales. You can join their affiliate program to receive 30% commission each month with cookie life of 30 days.

They provide you with banners, text links, and sidebar images. You can even create your own unique link to refer your traffic.

Get started with Leadpages.

6) SEMRush

Commission:  40% recurring

Cookie Life:  10 years

SEMrush has their affiliate program called BeRush. Their affiliate program pays you 40% recurring commission till the user is active. Unlike any other affiliate program, they offer cookie duration of 10 years.

They have all the necessary tools to help you grow your website. Here is my SEMrush review to increase your traffic.

They offer promotional material in multiple languages and applicants get automatically approved.

Get started with SEMrush.

7) Kajabi

Commission: 30% recurring

Cookie Life:  30 days

Kajabi has all the tools you need to create online courses, build landing pages, launch marketing campaigns, and design your perfect website. It has been around for over 9 years and is trusted by over 16000+ businesses.

Their affiliate program pays you 30% commission up to $116.70 per month on each customer that you refer. If you were to get active 100 customers, your commission would be $11670 per month. The cookie life offered by them is 30 days.

Get started with Kajabi.

8) Coursera

Commission: 20%-45% per sale

Cookie Life:  30 days

Coursera is an online learning platform that offers over 1000 courses. They have an affiliate program that pays commissions ranging from 20%-45% with cookie life of 45 days. Each course or specialization cost between $29 to $99.

This isn’t the highest paying affiliate program but its good if you’re just getting started.

Get started with Coursera.

9) Teachable

Commission:  30% recurring

Cookie Life:  90 days

Teachable is a platform where you can create and sell your own online courses. They have over 18 million students and over 186k active courses.

Teachable affiliate program pays you 30% recurring commission with cookie life of 90 days. Their plan ranges from $29 to $499, which means for each person referred, you could earn up to $150 per month.

Get started with Teachables.

10) FreshBooks

Commission: $5 per lead and $55 for premium package

Cookie Life:  120 days

FreshBooks is and accounting software that helps you with your small business. You can create professional looking invoices for your clients.

They offer an affiliate program with 120 days’ cookie life. You earn a commission of $5 when someone signs up for the free trial. And, you earn a commission of $55 when your free trial signup subscribes to any paid plan.

Retail Affiliate program

affiliate programs

Retail affiliate programs have been earning people huge commissions. You can literally build a passive income source just by using these. Even if you create a website where you review amazon products and put your link, it would build you a passive income for long term.

Similarly, by promoting products of other platforms, you can make sure you are getting paid for the value you provide. ebay has millions of visitors daily and is also well-established. Due to that, it’s easier to refer products to people.

Here are my top picks for Retail Affiliate Programs:

1) Amazon Associates

Commission: 0.2%-10%

Cookie Life:  1 day

Amazon is a well-known online retail platform which sells almost everything. They literally have all the products that anyone can think of. Amazon is worth over $100 billion. Even though amazon offers less percentage of commission, it has millions of buyers. It is trusted by a large number of people so it is easier to promote amazon products.

Learn how to make atleast $2300/month by Amazon Affiliate program.

Amazon offers different percentage of commission for each category of products. The commission rates are as follows:

Product Category

Kindle Devices & eBooks
Consumer Electronics & Accessories (excl. Data Storage Devices)
Mobile Phones*
iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus
Mobile Accessories*
Apparel & Shoes
Health & Personal Care
Music, Movies, Video games and Software
Cars, Motorbikes and Industrial Products
Toys and Baby Products
Jewellery (excluding Gold and Silver coins)
Gold and Silver coins
Home and Kitchen
Personal Care Appliances
Fire TV Stick & other Amazon devices
Luggage and Bags
Sports, Fitness and Outdoors
Office and Stationery
Musical Instruments
Grocery and Gourmet
Data Storage Devices
Major Appliances
Tyres, Bicycles & Heavy Gym Equipment

Fixed Advertising Rates


2) Target

Commission: Up to 8%

Cookie Life: 7 days

Target is another platform which sell goods and even has physical stores US. It is well-liked by its customers. They offer 8% commission if you join their affiliate program. You are even provided with 7 days’ cookie life.

3) ebay partner Network

Commission: 50%-70% of auction fees

Cookie Life:  1 day on “buy it now” items, and 10 days on auction items

ebay is an online platform where you and buy and sell stuff. It offers variety of products at lower cost. You can join their affiliate program and earn a huge commission of 50%-70%. They even offer cookie life up to 7 days.

Travel Affiliate Programs

affiliate programs

Who does not love travelling? Millions of people travel daily. Everyone is excited to visit a new place or go back to their favorite one. And due to this people are purchasing travel packages. This a good opportunity to refer people.

If you’re a travel blogger, you can recommend hotels, flights as well as travel packages to your audience. The customer will not be charged extra using your referral link. All you have to do is place a banner on your website or you could even use a text link to refer people.

Here are my picks for the best Travel Affiliate Programs:

1) CheapFlights

Commission: Up to $0.45 per click out

Cookie Life:  Session

CheapFlights is website that helps users compare and choose cheaper flights while travelling. They offer and affiliate program where they pay fixed commission of $0.45 per click out via desktop or tablet and $0.25 per click out for mobile.

They provide you with variety of banners and text links to promote them on your website.

2) TripAdvisor

Commission: 50%

Cookie Life:  14 days

TripAdvisor is a well-known travel sites that helps people in booking hotels and also provide them with local reviews. They also allow help you to book hotels, vacation packages, restaurant reservations, and much more.

Their affiliate program pays 50% commission with 14 days’ cookie duration. It is my #1 recommendation.

3) Booking.com

Commission: Up to 40%

Cookie Life:  Session

Booking.com lets you book flights, hotels, airport taxis and even offers car rentals and tours & activities. It offers over 2.2 million properties.

They offer affiliate program which offers up to 40% commission. Unfortunately, the cookie life in until session ends. But, since they offer over 2.2 million properties, there is potential in this affiliate program as long as you are able to drive traffic.

4) Hotels.com

Commission: 4%

Cookie Life: 7 days

Hotels.com offer hotel booking. Hotels.com is available in more than 35 languages, across 85 sites worldwide in multiple currencies.

They offer an affiliate program that offers 4% commission. The cookie duration allowed by them is 7 days. They run their affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

5) Priceline

Commission: 3%-5%

Cookie Life:  30 days

Priceline is famous for their low-cost deals on flights, hotels and much more. The offer you the best deals and are available around the clock.

They offer and affiliate program that pay 3% to 5% commission. Cookie duration provided is 30 days.

6) Travelpayouts

Commission: up to 80% on each sale

Cookie Life:  30 days

If you have a website and want to monetize your website with travel affiliate program, feel free to join Travelpayouts. They call themselves The Ideal Travel Affiliate Network to Monetize Your Travel Website.

They cover:

  • Travel Services
  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Car rentals
  • Insurance
  • Transfers and much more

You get commission up to 80% and cookie like is 30 days.

All you have to do its help your visitors to organise their vacation and, in the process, increase your revenue.

7) Marriot

Commission: 3%-6%

Cookie Life:  7 days

Marriot is a huge hotel brand located in over 130 countries. They offer you with premium quality places to stay.

Their affiliate program would earn you 3% to 6% on each sale that you generate. They offer cookie duration of 7 days. If you have a travel blog, then I would definitely recommend this.

8) Hotwire

Commission: 2%

Cookie Life:  7 days

Hotwire offers access to cheap hotels, cars, and flights. They claim that using their service you can easily stay at a 4-star hotel at the price of a 2-star one.

Their affiliate program pays 2% commission and offers cookie duration of 7 days. So, if you were to bring 1 customer a day, the by the end of the month, you commission would be $108. This is a good way to monetize your blog.

9) Momondo

Commission: up to $0.65 per click-out

Cookie Life:  Session

Momondo is a global travel search site that helps you compare flights, hotels etc. Their affiliate program offers flat rate up to $0.65 per click-out. If a customer clicks on your link using a mobile device, then you get $0.45. If the customer clicks on your link using a desktop or tablet, you earn a commission of $0.65.

Unfortunately, downside of this affiliate program is that the cookie life ends as the user closes the browser.

Gaming Affiliate Programs

Gaming industry has seen huge growth in past couple of years. Gamers stream on well-known platforms like twitch and youtube. Due to this reason, there has been increase in the sales of games.

There are millions of viewers for famous games like Pubg and Fortnite. This has inspired people to join the community. Even if they do not join, they enjoy watching the stream and even playing by themselves. This has increased the potential of earning though affiliate programs using these platforms. They even offer 50% commission per sale.

Here are my picks for the best high paying Gaming Affiliate Programs:

1) Microsoft

Commission: Up to 10%

Cookie Life: 14 days

Microsoft is a well-known company that offers variety of products and services. I myself use their windows 10 pro and Microsoft office 365. It is fairy better than any other OS that I have used in the past. They offer products like Surface, Xbox, pc etc. Xbox is a popular gaming console and well-liked by people.

You can promote these products and make up to 10% commission. The cookie life offered is 14 days.

2) Twitch

Commission: 50% on subscription, 5% on game sales

Twitch is a platform where you can watch or stream games. It has 48 million subscribers just for the well-known game Fortnite. If you’re a games, then you must be familiar with Twitch.

There are 2 ways to earn on Twitch: Subscriptions and Game sales.

Subscriptions: Affiliates can earn on Twitch by accepting subscriptions from their viewers. Affiliates will have access to all subscription options: $4.99, $9.99, $24.99, and the Twitch Prime free subscription.

Game sales:  Affiliates earn a 5% revenue share of the purchases that originate from their channel pages.

3) Kinguin

Commission: 10%

Cookie Life: 30 days

Kinguin is a platform where you can buy, sell and trade video games. In return you receive a fair price. All the transactions are handled very carefully. They monitor each and everything to make sure that no mistakes are made.

They have an affiliate program that offers 10% commission on each sale that is generated. You can even join their influencer program if you have a following over 10000.

4) Games Deal

Commission: 5%

Cookie Life: Indefinitely

Gamesdeal is an online platform for digital products. Gamesdeal offers PC and video game codes, DLC’s, Xbox Live and PSN credit and subscription codes. They even offer game time card codes for online games and software license codes. Additionally, all with extremely attractive prices.

You can join their affiliate program and earn 5% commission. The cookies are saved indefinitely in buyer’s browser.

5) GameFly

Commission: $15 per trial sign-up, 5% for new games, 10% used games

Cookie Life: 30 days

GameFly lets you rent, buy, and play your favourite games. GameFly.com has over 9,000 new releases and classics available to rent. You can play games on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Switch, Wii U, and 3DS.

You earn a commission of $15 or more if a customer signs up for a free trial. They even offer 5% commission on the sale of new console games. If you’re able to sell used console game, then you would receive 10% commission.

Finance and Credit Card Affiliate programs

Transunion states that, there are 2.69 credit cards for each person in US. Credit cards allow people to spend money which they currently don’t have. You can pay back the amount later. Credit card companies take certain percentage of commission on the money you spend.

The credit limit depends on your credit score. If you have a good credit score and have repaid on time, you will have higher limit. That can be used to make higher payments. Many companies offer rewards on your purchases. Don’t worry if your credit score isn’t good, few companies even offer credit repair services. And due to the growth in industry, you can find many affiliate programs under this category and benefit from it.

Here are my picks for the top Finance and Credit Card Affiliate Program:

1) Credit Repairs

Commission: 40%

Cookie Life:  365 days

Credit Repair is an online platform that helps you with your credit score. They have been helping a lot of people living in different cities in America.

They have an affiliate program that offer 45% commission for each customer that you provide them with. The cookie life offered by them is 365 days which is a lot compared to other affiliate programs.

2) Transunion

Commission: $20

Cookie Life:  45 days

Transunion helps you increase your credit score as well as protect your identity.

Their affiliate program earns you $20 commission. They offer cookie life of 45 days.

3) Bank Rate Credit Card Network

Commission: CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA offers based on the type of credit card

If you have credit card related website, then you can use Bankrate Credit Card Network to generate revenue. Here you earn commissions by CPC, CPM, CPL, and CPA depending on the credit card type.

As an affiliate, you are provided with all the necessary tools, including:

  • The best credit card offers from the top issuers
  • Experienced, dedicated account representatives
  • Reliable, fast commission payouts
  • Automated technology solutions

4) Credit.com

Commission: varies depending on the type of credit card.

Credit.com is another website that helps you learn more about your credit score. They claim that they have the highest payouts in the credit card space. They even have the best credit card offers. Once your join them you can have real time sales tracking and online reporting.

Your commission depends on the type of credit card the customer buys after visiting them using your link.

5) Equifax

Commission: $10 – $40

Cookie Life:  30 days

Equifax is an online platform where you can check and control your credit score. They offer 2 plans to their customers, Premier and family plan. Their affiliate program would earn you commission from $10 to $$40 depending on the service that the customer buys.

They offer cookie duration of 30 days. Their affiliate program runs on CJ Affiliate, which is a trusted platform.

Fashion Affiliate Programs

Promoting Fashion Affiliate program is one of the best way to earn money. This is due to frequent changes in trends. The growth doesn’t seem to stop. You can find many clothing affiliate programs and beauty products as well to promote to your audience.

Its not necessary to be a blogger to promote these products. You might have a loyal audience on platforms like Instagram and Youtube, you could refer these products to them. You need to choose the niche that you are going to work in. Choose the affiliate company that goes well with your content.

Here are my picks for the best Fashion Affiliate Programs:

1) Shopstyle Collective

Commission: CPA & up to 75% in first 90 days

Shopstyle helps you monetize your content. You can promote them in any way you like and every sale that you drive earns you a profit. In the first 90 days, you could earn commission up to 75%.

Shopstyle is a good way to earn commissions as an influencer.

2) H&M

Commission: 7.4%

Cookie Life: 30 days

H&M has variety of clothing for man, women, and children. On their website they offer variety of discounts. Their affiliate program offers a commission of 7.4% and cookie life offered is 30 days.

3) Nordstrom

Commission: 2%-20%

Cookie Life: 7 days

Nordstorm is another fashion website that delivers its products in many well-known countries. They offer an affiliate program that pays up to 20% commission depending on the product. They offer cookie life of 7 days. It is a good platform for fashion bloggers.

4) ModCloth

Commission: 7%

Cookie Life: 45 days

ModCloth houses variety of clothing. They specifically sell female clothing. Their affiliate program earns you a commission of 7%. They offer cookie life of 45 days.

5) Zaful

Commission: Up to 30%

Cookie Life:  30 days

Zaful is a platform where they sell variety of clothing for women as well as men. For women, they offer tops, dresses, swimwear etc. They offer an affiliate program that pays up to 30% in commission depending on the product sold using your link. They offer cookie life of 30 days.

6) Warby Parker

Commission: 20%

Cookie Life: 45 days

You can buy eyeglasses and sunglasses from Warby Parker. They even offer you 5 glasses to try for free which they will deliver at your house. Their affiliate program pays 20% commission which is quite good given the price of the glasses. The cookie life offered by them is 45 days.

7) NewChic

Commission: 18%

Cookie Life: 60 days

Newchic has variety of fashion for both men and women. Their affiliate program offers 18% commission. They offer cookie duration of 60 days.

8) Stitch fix

Commission: 4%

Cookie Life: 7 days

Stitch Fix is a clothing website that offers clothing for both men and women. They do not charge for shipping and delivery. Their affiliate program pays 4% commission and cookie life is 7 days.

Fitness Affiliate Programs

Just like Fashion industry, Fitness industry never gets old. Now more than ever people are engaging more in fitness activities. There are many platforms that sells fitness machines and consumable products.

You can make high commissions by promoting these as these machines usually cost a lot. Your chances of earning are high as you are promoting products that makes people healthy.

Here are my picks of top high paying Fitness Affiliate Programs:

1) Bodybuilding.com

Commission: 5%-15%

Cookie Life: 9 days

Bodybuilding.com has a fitness affiliate program where they provide you with all the tools you require to promote them. They offer 5% to 15% commission depending on the product. They even offer 9 days’ cookie duration.

2) American Council on Exercise

Commission: 8%

Cookie Life:  7 days

American Council on Exercise(ACE) helps people to lead a healthier life. They are a non-profit organization and offer variety of courses including free material. They have an affiliate program that offer a commission of 8%. Cookie life allowed by them is 7 days.


Commission: 12%

Cookie Life:  Session

MYPROTEIN offers supplements and many other products like bottles and clothing. You can join their affiliate program if you have a following over 5000 on social media. They offer 12% commission on each sale that you generate. You can even customize offers for your followers. They even have a “Refer a Friend” plan, where you refer and earn a fixed amount.

4) Pro-Form

Commission: 8%-11%

Cookie Life: 30 days

Pro-Form sells gym equipment in multiple countries. Their affiliate program offers a commission of 8% to 11%. They offer 30 days’ cookie duration.

5) Bowflex

Commission: 3%-7%

Cookie Life: 30 days

Joining Bowflex affiliate program, you get access to their latest promotions. They offer 3% to 7% commission depending on the product. Cookie life offered is 30 days.

6) Life Fitness

Commission: 8%+

Cookie Life: 30 days

Life Fitness offers variety of fitness and exercise equipment. They have over 250000 fitness facilities across the globe. Their affiliate program offers commissions starting from 8% with cookie duration of 30 days.

Music Affiliate Programs

The music industry is filled with various composers, artists, teachers etc. If you’re interested in music and want to learn it sitting at home, then you can find many teachers online. There are platforms that offers experienced teachers who are willing to help you.

You can join their affiliate programs and earn high commissions reviewing products. As your audience makes a purchase your link, you benefit from it. You can even recommend online music courses to them. You should deeply understand the product or service that you’re promoting.

Here are my picks for high paying Music Affiliate Programs:

1) zZounds

Commission: 6%+ bonuses

Cookie Life:  45 days

zZounds sells music instruments. They have an affiliate program that offers 6% commission and 45 days’ cookie life. They even offer bonuses to people who perform well.

2) Jamplay

Commission: $40 per sale

Cookie Life: 120 days

Jamplay has an affiliate program that pays $40 in commission per sale. They offer cookie duration of 120 days. You can even have guitar lessons from world class teachers. This is the best platform to learn guitar even if you’re a beginner.

3) Guitar Centre

Commission: 6%

Cookie Life:  14 days

Guitar centre is one of the largest musical retailer in the world. They offer an affiliate program that pays commission of 6% on each sale. Here you have the opportunity to earn huge amount in commissions. They offer cookie duration of 14 days.

4) Virtual Sheet Music

Commission: 30%

Cookie Life: 30 years

Joining their affiliate program would earn you a commission of 30% on each sale. If you perform well, you will receive 1-year free membership. Their most requested product is Sheet Music Membership which costs $37.75. If you’re able to sell that, you would earn a commission of $11.33 for each member referred.

5) Pianoforall

Commission: 60%

Cookie Life: 90 days

Pianoforall affiliate program offers 60% commission on all the sales that you generate. Their tracking cookie stays active up to 60 days from the time you link has been clicked.

There are 2 versions of Pianoforall:

  • Pianoforall Download Version = $39 | You take approx. $21 (after Clickbank fees)
  • Pianoforall Download & DVD ROM = $49 | You take approx. $27 (after Clickbank fees)

According to them people prefer the DVD ROM version as they have physical backup. And due to that, you have a potential of earning higher amount per sale.

If you were to generate only 10 sales in a month, you commission would be $270. It is a quite fair amount for beginners.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

Recurring Affiliate Programs are the ones that pays you commission each much till the customer is active. Most of the program offer one-time revenue but these programs actually help you build a passive income.

Most of these platforms require monthly subscription and sue to that, they are able to pay certain commissions each month. Additionally, they provide premium services to the customers so it is very rare that they leave.

You get paid comparatively less in recurring programs compared to one-time payment ones. But it adds up to a bigger amount on long term.

Here are my picks for top high paying Recurring Affiliate Programs:

1) Thinkific

Commission: 20%

Thinkific is an online course platform which has variety of courses. They have free plans as well as plans up to $499. Promoting them using their affiliate program would earn you 20% commission. That means, if you were to sell their $499 plan, you would earn $99.80 per person referred. This is a great way of generating passive income.

2) Elegant Themes

Commission: 50% recurring

Elegant Themes is a wordpress theme library. It consists of 87 easy-to-use themes that make your work easy. You do not need any coding knowledge to work with these themes. Using these themes, you can optimize your website to your liking.

Their affiliate program offers 50% commissions, every month, on easy sale that you generate for them. They have over 500,000 customers and is well established. Do to that fact, it is easier to promote their affiliate program and generate high commissions.

3) Ninja Outreach

Commission: 20% recurring

Ninja Outreach is an influencer marketing and analysis perform tool. It helps you

  • perform outreach
  • find influencer email addresses
  • build email lists
  • grow your content promotion efforts.

They offer 20% recurring commission for each person referred. This platform is really helpful if you are interested in influencer marketing. They provide you with all the necessary tools to find the perfect influencer to help you grow your business.

4) SpyFu

Commission: 40% recurring

Cookie Life: 365 days

SpyFu helps you to outrank your competitor. They provide you with tools to find out where they have ranked on google. You’re even allowed to see the keywords they’ve bought on Adwords and every organic rank.

They offer 40% recurring commissions to their affiliates with 365 days long cookie duration.

5) Click Funnels

Commission: 40%

Click Funnels is a popular landing page builder. They have over 98.2k active users who promote their products and earn huge amounts. They offer 40% recurring commissions to their affiliates. You receive 40% commission till the time customer you referred stays active.

Recurring commissions are usually lesser than one-time payment, but recurring payments adds up to be higher amount in the long term. Also, it stays a consistent revenue stream.

6) BuzzSprout

Commission: 20% recurring

Buzzsprout has helped over 100,000 people start their own podcast. It is the easiest way to host, promote, and track your podcast. Using Buzzsprout, it is easier to create podcast. You have to upload your audio file and it will take care of the rest.

They offer an affiliate program that pays 20% recurring commission.

Key factors to keep in mind while joining affiliate programs in 2019

There are two types of affiliate programs:

  • Self-hosted programs
  • Ones in affiliate networks

The self-hosted programs run on the company’s website with affiliate software.

The ones on affiliate networks are managed by third party.

To get started you need to own a website which you can purchase from Bluehost at lower price. Affiliate programs usually pay you commissions via paypal or a bank account. If you’re an influencer with large number of following, even they these program would work grate for you. Though I highly recommend that you have your own website before you get started.

The key factors to consider while joining an affiliate program are:

1) Commission rate

The affiliate programs that I mentioned in this article pay high commissions while providing value to their customers. You should make sure the program that you are signing up for is related to your niche.

If you choose a niche program, you will rank higher and would be able to reach a larger audience. The more people you refer; higher commission will be earned. Companies are willing to pay over 100% commission for quality traffic. Though, on average, companies pay commissions ranging from 1%-50%. You need to choose the one which would benefit you as well as your audience.

You can even sign up for programs that offer recurring commissions. They offer certain percentage of commission each month till the customer is active.

2) Average Order Value(AOV) 

Average order value tracks the average dollar amount spent each time a customer completes an order. For example, in the month of October, your web store’s sales were $30,000. And you had a total of 1,000 orders. $30,000 divided by 1,000 = $30. Therefore, October’s monthly AOV was $30.

AOV is important as it evaluate your overall online marketing efforts and pricing strategy. It does so by providing you with metrics needed to measure the long-term value of each customer.

AOV increases with increase in quality traffic to your website. You can learn how to increase your traffic using SEMRush here. It can be tracked for any time period, but usually organisations prefer monitoring the moving monthly average.

3) Earnings per Click 

EPC is measured by the commission affiliate earns for each click. As a customer clicks on a link on your website, you receive certain commission. The term EPC is quite misleading as it is calculated as earnings per 100 clicks.

It provides an insight into the success of your pay per click referrals. Not always your audience makes a purchase when they click on your link and that increases your bounce rate.

An example of EPC can be given as a set of 100 clicks that earned you a total of $70-in this case, the EPC is $70, or $0.70 per individual click. Using EPC allows you to see how much money you earn for each 100 clicks. It accounts for both high value and low value clicks.

4) Cookie duration 

Whenever a user clicks on your link, a cookie is stored in their browser. It is a well-known fact that people like to double check the product or service that they are planning on purchasing. So when user closes the browser after clicking your affiliate link, the affiliate program stores a cookie for certain time duration.

Due to this, even if the same customer buys the product or service using someone else’s link, you will receive the commission if your cookie is still active. Cookie is used to track affiliate sales. Usually, the affiliate programs offer cookie duration of 30 days. But, it is better to join programs that provide longer durations as it will increase your chances to earn commission.

How Affiliate Programs Pay commissions

Most affiliate programs have specific rules about how they pay, but there are two methods you can expect to see:

  • Pay per clickis similar to most online advertising. You are paid whenever someone clicks on the link, button or image you place on your site. They don’t need to buy anything or take any action. Pay per click is usually low paying.
  • Pay per actionpays you every time someone clicks on a link from your site and then completes a specific action. You might be paid a percentage of a sale or you might be paid every time someone moves deeper into the target site. This method, especially when you get a percentage of sales, can be lucrative.

Affiliate marketing tips for 2020

1) Promote the products you love 

The most important thing to keep in mind is, always promote the product that you love and would prefer using. It’s very easy to spot fake recommendations which would do you more harm than good. If you use Bluehost yourself, then it would be easier for you to promote it to your audience as you understand it completely. I myself recommend Bluehost as it is one of the most reliable web host available.

If you use amazon products, then it would be a good option for you to sign up for amazon affiliate program. Amazon has high quality products and is trusted by users worldwide. All you will have to do is sign-up for the program and start promoting.

You can earn high commission using the products that you love. So which affiliate program would you use?

2) Do Research on Emerging products

Just like promoting the product you love, it is equally necessary to research emerging products or categories. Fashion tends to own the trend as it is the most popular affiliate category. Promoting fashion category products, you can generate high revenue. This is possible as people are offered variety of products to choose from.

Big companies like Facebook come up with new exciting products like Oculus, which takes virtual reality to whole new level. Such products have high demands. Why miss the opportunity when you can earn huge amounts by just promoting these products?

If you’re a travel enthusiast, you can even start a travel blog and start making money. You can recommend places to visit, hotels etc. to your audience. And every time a person referred by you purchases a hotel or travel package, you earn commission. They do not get charged any extra amount for that.

How to choose Best Affiliate programs

There are affiliate networks like ShareAsale, CJ affiliate etc. you can either join the affiliate programs of your choice on these. The platforms mentioned in this article have their self-hosted affiliate program, they are reliable as well.

You should always make sure that the affiliate programs you join are completely free. You should never pay to join a program. They have to pay you for promoting them. The ones that ask you to pay are usually fake and would end up scamming you.

Make sure the platforms you plan on promoting are reliable and also pay high commissions. Usually these programs pay up to 50% but some could even go as high as over 100% of their first month sale.

The products that you’re promoting should not be over-priced. People tend to turn around when they see high-priced products. Additionally, they should have 24/7 customer support.

Summary- Best Affiliate programs

Irrespective of the category you choose, there are hundreds of high paying affiliate programs. Your main goal while selecting an affiliate program should be high commission, longer cookie duration and the reliability of the platform. Additionally, make sure it has high average order values and high EPC.

Depending on your choice, you may select recurring affiliate program or the one-time payment ones. Affiliate market is growing rapidly, take advantage of the opportunity.

Firstly, you need a wordpress website. You can purchase web hosting from bluehost for as less as $2.95/month.

Secondly, once you’re done with that, here is my guide on how to install wordpress on bluehost.

Make sure you check out other articles to find out many other ways to monetize your website.

Which platform are you going to join?

Bluehost Affiliate Program- Make up to $130 per sale

Planning on starting your own blog or website? Are you looking for the best possible ways to monetize your site? Do you wish to make a high income from your website in a simple yet reliable manner? Then you’ve reached the right place to find answers to all your questions. Here, you will gain the necessary knowledge about the best web hosting service and its affiliate program – Bluehost and the Bluehost Affiliate Program.

Bluehost is one of the most reliable and secure web hosting platforms. It provides extraordinary hosting services at highly affordable prices, with great reliability and security. Having a stable hosting plan will allow your website or blog to load at extremely high speed. It also provides a very secure and free WordPress accessibility. It can be installed in just one-click.

In addition to providing quality hosting services to its users, Bluehost also has its own affiliate program. Apart from Google AdSense, Bluehost Affiliate Program is one of the best ways to monetize your website or blog. You earn high commission per sale and receive the payment on time.

This is one of the highest paying affiliate programs. It enables you to easily earn up to $130 per sale. And this is earned by simply promoting the Bluehost services and products in appropriate spaces on your website or blog. Learn how to join the Bluehost affiliate program and thus amplify your earnings through affiliate marketing.

Get Started With Bluehost Affiliate Program

Before you sign up for the program, it is a prerequisite for you to have your own website/blog. Lucky for you, Bluehost is a web hosting platform with services that no one else would provide you with.

If you are a newbie and don’t own a website/blog yet, then don’t worry. Starting a website is no rocket science.  It only takes a few simple steps to start your own blog/website. In case you already own a website, you can skip the steps below.

Simple Steps To Start Your Own Website/Blog On Bluehost

To sign up and start your own website/blog, head over to Bluehost.com. Once you’ve reached the Bluehost site, follow these steps.

Bluehost Affiliate Program

Step 1: Click on get started.

Bluehost Affiliate Program


Step 2: Choose a Shared hosting plan of your choice. Depending on the requirements of your website, analyze the features of different plans and choose. These include Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro hosting plans.

Step 3: Choose the desired domain name which is relevant to your niche/topic. The domain name can be a new one or even an already existing one.

Bluehost Affiliate Program

Step 4: Fill in all the necessary login details. Bluehost also permits you to login with your Google profile.

Bluehost Affiliate Program

Step 5: Before you proceed, cross-check the details of the Bluehost web hosting package that you have chosen. Bluehost provides you with certain additional features as well, such as SiteLock Security. These features will require you to pay some extra charges. In case you don’t wish to include these features in your plan, uncheck the corresponding boxes and then proceed.

Step 6: Enter the payment details. This includes the account details through which you wish to make the payment.

Step 7: Lastly, read all the Terms of Service and Cancellation Policy and the Privacy Policy. If you agree to everything, click on ‘I agree’ and then submit.

That’s it! You’re ready with your website. Further, you can log in to your Bluehost account and launch your new website using the chosen web hosting plan.

Why Choose Bluehost?

There are several different platforms available for hosting your website/blog. Among all, Bluehost is considered the best web hosting platform by a number of bloggers. Bluehost has many competitors. Few of those being –

  • HostGator
  • SiteGround
  • WPEngine

But, even with such huge competition, Bluehost stands out to be the most trusted and useful web hosting platform. What makes Bluehost so special is its integration with WordPress.

It’s a well-known fact that WordPress powers over 30% of the websites at present. WordPress is used as the Content Management System (CMS) by a majority of the top websites. These include TechCrunch, USA Today, Fortune, and many more.

BLUEHOST DISCOUNT: 66% Discount+ Free Domain

Bluehost is also recommended as a top web hosting service by WordPress.org.

Additionally, another major reason to choose Bluehost over other web hosting service providers is its affordable price. The pricing of the different hosting plans that are available on Bluehost under the Shared Hosting Plan is as follows:

  • Basic – costs $2.75/month
  • Plus – costs $4.95/month
  • Choice Plus – costs $5.45/month
  • Pro – costs $13.95/month

Each of these packages allows you to host a different number of websites, depending on the price of the package chosen.

However, all the hosting plans provided by Bluehost include a few common features, irrespective of the type of plan chosen and its price. These features are:

  • Domains
  • Backups
  • Resource Protection
  • Scalability
  • SSL Certificate

You will be provided with some additional features based upon your hosting plan.

Different hosting plans on Bluehost

Bluehost offers a variety of hosting plans. You can select a suitable plan based on the required features and your budget. These hosting plans include:

  • Shared hosting – the most suitable hosting plan for individual blogs/websites and beginners.
  • VPS hosting – a suitable plan for well-established websites to control the sites with virtual private servers in a flexible manner.
  • Dedicated hosting – provides its users with custom-built servers, and provides better security.

The price of the above-mentioned hosting plans are as follows:

  • $2.95/month – Shared hosting plan
  • $18.99/month – VPS hosting plan
  • $79.99/month – Dedicated hosting plan

Long term plans would save you a lot of money. Additionally, you will be provided with a cPanel where you can create your own professional email addresses for free. You even get free marketing credits for AdWords as well as Facebook.

Select the hosting plan that fulfills the requirements of your website and start hosting your website or blog right away.

Salient features of Bluehost

You may wonder what is it that Bluehost provides its users with that make it one of the best web hosting platforms. These are some of the salient features of Bluehost which help you host your website/blog:

  • Free Domain name
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Host unlimited websites (Starts from Plus package)
  • Unlimited storage
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • FTP access
  • Unlimited add-on domains (Park your domain)
  • Shell Access

What more would you need? These are the essential features to run your website smoothly. All you have to do after that is take care of the content. Choose a specific niche of your interest to write about and stick to it. Also, ensure that the content of your blogs is of high quality (good readability) and is SEO friendly.

The major benefits offered by Bluehost

  • Extremely easy to use for everyone. Creating your own WordPress blog on Bluehost doesn’t require you to be a scientist. It’s a simple task and takes only a few minutes.
  • Bluehost provides its users with a FREE blog domain, for the first year of registration.
  • With Bluehost, you have the benefit of free access to WordPress. You don’t have to pay any separate charges for WordPress.
  • With the help of this platform, you can now easily install WordPress on any of your accounts in a problem-free way.
  • The web hosting plans offered by Bluehost are very cost-effective and reliable. With just $2.75 per month, you can start your own blog or website. In my opinion, this is a very affordable way that leads you to make a massive amount of income from your blog.
  • It provides you with 24/7 technical support which includes trained, in-house experts who are readily available to assist you with any help. The help center has guides, video tutorials and more, for an effortless experience with Bluehost.
  • Self-hosted blogs have a greater tendency to grow when you monetize your blog. And Bluehost is a platform that allows you to be self-hosted.
  • As a self-hosted blog, your blog will tend to attract more readers as it has a more professional appearance.
  • The platform offers you a refund within a period of 30 days after you have signed up, in case you are not satisfied with the facilities.
  • Each and every website that is hosted at Bluehost has the benefit of obtaining a free SSL certificate. With the help of this, you can protect your visitors with just one click.

What’s next?

Now that you have gained knowledge about one of the best web hosting platforms, it’s time to understand the simplest and accurate way to monetize your website. An insight into the Bluehost affiliate program will help you understand how to make some easy money from your blog.

However, succeeding at being a Bluehost affiliate or any other affiliate requires you to have patience. You can’t expect to make hundreds of dollars overnight. If you maintain consistency in your work and create content that attracts a wider audience, you’ll start making revenue sooner.

Let’s see what are the features that make this program stand out from the rest. Also, we will see how this exceptional affiliate program enables one to churn out an income ranging from $65 to $130 per qualified sale.

What is the Bluehost Affiliate program?

With the marvelous hosting services provided by Bluehost, it has become one of the best and most commonly used web hosting platform. Additionally, the company has a very successful affiliate program that helps turn your audience into your customers.

The Bluehost affiliate program is a high paying and easy-to-use affiliate program. All you need to do is just promote Bluehost on your blog/website. This can be done by using text links or banners. When any of your audience clicks on your affiliate text links and signs up for Bluehost, you will receive a commission.

This way, you can easily develop an additional source of revenue from your website with the Bluehost affiliate program and make good money.

Join Bluehost Affiliate Program

Now that you’ve successfully started your own website using Bluehost, it’s necessary to monetize it. There are multiple ways to monetize your website/blog and make money from it. One of the best and simplest ways to monetize your website is through affiliate marketing.

This involves promoting certain products and services on your website through your affiliate links. For every click and sale that you generate from these affiliate links, you will receive a part of the amount paid by the customer as your commission. The commission rate varies for different affiliate programs.

Among all, these are the top 5 high paying affiliate programs which help you monetize your blog:

Let’s focus more on the Bluehost Affiliate Program. Joining it is not a tedious task. You only need to enter a few necessary details and you’ll be ready.

Steps to Join the Bluehost Affiliate Program

It takes only a few simple steps to join the Bluehost Affiliate Program right away and monetize your website.

Firstly, head over to the Bluehost affiliate page and follow the steps below.

Bluehost Affiliate Program

1) Click on ‘Sign Up’. This will redirect you to the Affiliate signup page.

2) Enter the required Affiliate login.

3) Fill your Bluehost account information.

4) Fill all the necessary payment information (all payments are done via PayPal).

5) Read Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy. Once you’re done, click on ‘I agree’.

6) Ensure that all the details are filled in the corresponding space provided and click on ‘Sign Up’.

Once you sign up, Bluehost will send you a confirmation email to your registered email-id. This mail will consist of a link to login to your dashboard. Once you’re an approved Bluehost affiliate, you can access your affiliate dashboard using your Bluehost login credentials.

That’s all it takes to join the Bluehost affiliate program and add an extra source of income from your website!

Different Ways To Promote Bluehost Through Bluehost Affiliate Program

Once you have received approval from Bluehost for joining the Bluehost affiliate program, promoting their services and products, and earning from affiliate sales requires your time, dedication and hard work.

Firstly, the most essential part of succeeding as an affiliate marketer is to create SEO optimized content. Content with good readability is more likely to appear to a large audience on the search engines when their intended search keywords or key phrase matches yours.

Secondly, create content that the audience will be interested to read. Create content that has a high demand among readers of various age groups. This will help you convert your readers into a regular audience, and also potential affiliate customers.

If you wish to make good revenue from a certain affiliate program, publish content that is related to the niche of the desired affiliate program. In the case of the Bluehost affiliate program, create content related to website or blog hosting and various Bluehost services or products. This will help in increasing traffic to your website and generating a higher number of Bluehost sales.

Make use of the best affiliate monetization strategy in order to enhance the chances of gaining more customers. Provide your readers and potential customers with relevant information about web hosting on Bluehost. Reviews about Bluehost and Bluehost affiliate program can also help increase the number of qualified sales through your affiliate links.

Commission Rate Given by Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost provides different commission rates for different hosting plans purchased from your affiliate links. The minimal commission amount is $65 for one referral sale, and it increases depending upon the hosting plans chosen. This can go up to a maximum of $130 per sale.

The more the number of sales you generate, the higher your commission rate will be. Over the past year, the company paid over $5 million in commissions to its affiliates. This shows the success rate of the Bluehost affiliate program.

As mentioned earlier, Bluehost pays you a high commission of $65-$130 per sale. However, a minimum threshold amount of $100 is required to process your payment. Therefore, you can’t get your first payment with just one qualified sale.

Once you’ve made 2 or more qualified sales, your payment earned through the commissions will get processed successfully. After the sale, at least 45 to 60 days are to be allowed for the payment processing. All the payments from Bluehost are processed between the 16th and 31st of every month. Cookie duration of 60 days is provided by Bluehost.

Bluehost sends all the payments through PayPal only. Hence, it is important that you have a PayPal account before you join the Bluehost affiliate program. In case you don’t, then first create a PayPal account for free, and then join this affiliate program.

Review of Bluehost Affiliate Program

Before you join the Bluehost affiliate program and start making affiliate sales, it could be useful to read its review. Becoming an approved affiliate marketer is a cakewalk. You just have to sign up for the affiliate program by entering the required details.

After that, you simply have to place the affiliate text links or banner ads on your website. If you succeed in generating referral sales, you can start earning commissions.  However, just like everything has its advantages as well as disadvantages, the Bluehost affiliate program has its pros and cons.

Now let’s get to know a little bit about the pros and cons of this affiliate program.

Pros of Bluehost Affiliate Program 

  • Limitless earnings

    With the Bluehost affiliate program, you can earn as much as you wish. There is no restriction on how many sales you can generate or how much money you can make. Therefore, as a Bluehost affiliate, you have the benefit of a limitless passive income. This is one of the simplest ways through which you can maximize your source of passive income.

  • No transaction fees

    Whatever be the amount you earn, Bluehost makes all its payments via PayPal. One may worry that part of their earnings through commissions will get deducted due to PayPal’s transaction charges. However, Bluehost covers all the extra charges for you. This means that you will receive the whole amount that you’ve earned without any deductions.

  • No restrictions for becoming a Bluehost affiliate

    Thanks to Bluehost, you don’t have to worry about having any minimum number of subscribers or page views in order to become a Bluehost affiliate. Anyone who has their own website/blog can easily apply for the Bluehost affiliate program.

  • Speedy approval

    Once you send your application for joining the Bluehost affiliate program, you are assured to receive an approval within a few hours. As a result, you can start monetizing your website right away without having to wait for days or even months for getting approved for an affiliate program.

  • Excellent support team

    In case of any error, the Bluehost affiliate program provides you with an outstanding support team. The support team is available 24/7 and responds very quickly to any queries. Thus, as a Bluehost affiliate, you will always have a strong affiliate support team to help you solve any issues and rectify any errors.

  • Easy to promote

    Bluehost allows its affiliates to promote various services and products with the help of either text links or banner ads. The program has very simple instructions and widgets. Hence, you can easily include your affiliate text links and banner ads to your website and start promoting different services.

    Additionally, you have the freedom to promote Bluehost’s services and products on any online platform, including blogs, websites, email and more. However, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to earn stable revenue through the Bluehost affiliate program.

  • Reliable conversion rates

    With the Bluehost affiliate program, you get highly reliable and stable conversion rates. Also, it is highly cost-effective for newbies looking to monetize their website as Bluehost provides low-cost entry.

  • Great discounts and promotions

    In addition to all the benefits of the Bluehost affiliate program, Bluehost also helps you increase your passive income. They do so by sending you regular updates about any latest discounts and promotions. By promoting the latest deals on your website, you tend to attract more sales.

Cons of Bluehost Affiliate Program

  • Requires good knowledge about SEO

    If you want to start making revenue from your website, it is extremely important that you have full knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This will help you write high-quality content for your blog. This in return will help your content to have a good ranking on search engines such as Google.

    Monetizing your website through affiliate marketing thus requires you to have some experience with SEO. This is so because SEO-friendly content tends to drive more traffic to your website. As a result, the possibility of getting a high number of click-throughs on any of your affiliate text links or banner ads also intensifies.

    It is highly essential that you create SEO-friendly, elaborated, and high-quality content that matches their search (use relevant keywords). Hence, before joining the Bluehost affiliate program, ensure that you learn completely about SEO and its strategy.

  • Limit on withdrawal

    One of the disadvantages of the Bluehost affiliate program is that you can’t withdraw earnings with just one referred sale. A minimum amount of $100 is required to withdraw your earnings. And since a single sale earns you only $65, you must wait until you generate a minimum of two sales before you can withdraw the payment.

    However, this restriction is only applicable for your first payment from Bluehost. Withdrawal of your earnings can be done as and when you wish after you earn your first $100.

  • Referral fee deduction when user downgrades

    Bluehost affiliates earn a specific commission for each qualified sale depending on the hosting plan chosen by the referred customer. The downside to this is that in case any of your customers downgrade the hosting plan that they’ve chosen, you will be deducted the corresponding amount from your future affiliate earnings.

Conclusion on Bluehost Affiliate Program

To sum up, becoming a successful blogger means to have good traffic to your site. This can be achieved by providing readers with informative and meaningful content. Additionally, it also means to monetize your website well and make a stable income.

In order to succeed at this, most importantly, you need to work hard and dedicate enough time. Upload blog posts on a regular basis. In addition to this, promote your content on various social media platforms. As a result, the traffic to your website will increase. It is also necessary to have an extremely good marketing strategy to monetize your website.

However, you can’t expect to become a successful blogger within a few days. It takes a few months to one year to reach the stage where you earn a stable income from your website. One of the simplest ways that will lead to this is by using the Bluehost affiliate program on your website. It has proven to be among the most successful affiliate programs across the world.

Therefore, starting your blog with Bluehost is advantageous as it provides easy and reliable web hosting services. And, it additionally allows you to make extra revenue from your website through the Bluehost affiliate program.

What are you waiting for? Start your website with Bluehost today and join the Bluehost affiliate program right away. Start earning $65 or more, up to $130 for every referral sale generated. This is an efficient way to build your career as a blogger.

Get started with Bluehost

GoPro Comparison Chart – An Insight

GoPro Comparison Chart

We all want “the best” camera for capturing the precious moments of our life. And the best camera is expected to have the most recent technology, with high-end features in order to stay up-to-date. GoPro, probably the best-known brand at present, is well known for some of the best action cameras around. Lately, the GoPro series is one of the best cameras available for use. However, the problem arises when one has to choose the camera that is perfect for their requirements from among the bunch that is currently available. Finding the perfect one within any particular price range makes it a bit harder. But wouldn’t it be a simpler task if you had a GoPro comparison chart with you?

So here is a simple GoPro comparison chart to help you pick out the “perfect” camera that has the features that you desire for the type of filming you want to do.

About GoPro camera series

GoPro, founded by Nick Woodman in the year 2002, is famous for its cameras, drones, apps as well as accessories. The objective of all their products is to let you capture life as you live it and to share your day-to-day experiences with your family and friends. The company started off with a basic 35mm camera and a wrist strap made from old wetsuits and plastic scraps.

Over the years, it has acquired great success and evolved into an international company. Till date, more than 26 million GoPro cameras have been sold to a number of customers, in over 100 countries.

The company has released multiple camera models in the past years, few of which are presently not widely available. However, GoPro surely does cover the entire prospective user base from the newbie to the pro with its brilliant range of cameras.

GoPro Comparison Chart

GoPro Comparison Chart – The GoPro HERO

The original GoPro HERO was released in the year 2004. Since then, a number of different models have been released to the market. The different models in HERO series include HERO, HD HERO, HERO3 Silver, HERO Session, HERO (2018), and HERO7 Black. While all of these seem to be a good choice, there are few unique features in each of these models. These features help different photographers/videographers pick the model that is suitable to them.

The latest range, GoPro Hero7 consists of enhanced levels of image and video stabilization, making it better than the existing models. Therefore, GoPro remains to be the best among action cameras.

The product line was modified in the year 2018, and currently offers only versions of the flagship Hero series and the 360-degree Fusion. The following models were replaced last year:

  • Budget-orientated Hero > full HD capable Hero 7 White
  • Hero 5 > Hero 7 Silver
  • Hero 6 Black > flagship Hero 7 Black

To help one choose a suitable camera which satisfies the requirements, refer to this GoPro Comparison Chart. It will surely simplify the process and, thus help one to purchase the perfect camera, sooner.

GoPro Comparison Chart with features of the best action cameras

Among the different range of GoPro cameras, which one has the best features? Well, that depends on the features that you are looking for in the camera. Depending on this, the choice of the best camera will vary for different people. Thus, here are a few key features of the best action cameras by GoPro.

GoPro Comparison Chart

1) GoPro Hero7 Black

The latest version of the GoPro Hero7 Black comes with the exceptional features which can attract anyone. These features include:

  • Stills resolution: 12MP
  • Screen: 2-inch touchscreen
  • Weight: 118g
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi (5GHz), Bluetooth
  • Max continuous shooting speed: 30fps
  • Max video resolution: 4K (60fps)
  • Frame rates: 60fps (4K), 240fps (1080p), 240fps (720p)
  • Waterproofing: 10m
  • Voice control: Yes
  • GPS: Yes
  • Battery life: 1-3hrs estimated

The introduction of GoPro’s all-new HyperSmooth is the major selling point of this product. It is a remarkable image stabilization technology. You can obtain a smooth, stable, flowing look to even handheld videos with this new feature.

Additionally, this camera also comes with TimeWarp video, which is a refinement to HyperSmooth. This new addition combines the idea of regular frame-by-frame time-lapse shooting (which you can still do separately) with HyperSmooth. It may now be considered a stabilized hyperlapse.

The quality of the 4K videos and the images captured with this camera are amazing. It also hands-free with voice commands such as “GoPro, take a photo” and “GoPro, start recording.” Other modifications include the memory space as well as a new user interface, thereby improving user experience. Hence, taking into consideration all these brilliant features, the Hero7 Black is the best action camera that one can purchase.

2) GoPro Hero7 Silver

The features of the latest version of GoPro Hero7 Silver include:

  • Stills resolution: 10MP
  • Screen: 2-inch touchscreen
  • Weight: 118g
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi (5GHz), Bluetooth
  • Max video resolution: 4K (30fps)
  • Frame rates: 30fps (4K), 60fps (1080p), 60fps (720p)
  • Waterproofing: 10m
  • Voice control: Yes
  • GPS: Yes
  • Battery life: 1-3hrs estimated

Among all, the Hero7 Black is at the top position. The Hero7 Silver is the one that’s next in the list. It sure does come with quite a few interesting features, which are quite remarkable for first-time users.

The 4K video recording is stabilized, to give good quality videos. Since it possesses the Voice Control function, one can easily use this camera and avoid confusion while using the touchscreen. This is especially useful for those who do not have much knowledge about how to use GoPro cameras. Therefore, for those who aren’t looking for professional captures or shooting, this is a good choice.

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3) GoPro Hero5 Black

If the latest and the best camera isn’t what one is looking for, but just a simple one, then the Hero5 Black is a reasonable option. Even though it may not possess the latest features, it still comes with quite good features. These include:

  • Stills resolution: 12MP
  • Screen: 2-inch touchscreen
  • Weight: 118g
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi (5GHz), Bluetooth
  • Max video resolution: 4K (30fps)
  • Frame rates: 30fps (4K), 120fps (1080p), 240fps (720p)
  • Waterproofing: 10m
  • Voice control: Yes
  • GPS: Yes
  • Battery life: 1-3hrs estimated

Shooting videos in this camera is remarkable, producing very smooth videos. It comes with great flexibility in terms that it allows one to shoot stills in raw format. Additionally, a rear touchscreen, GPS as well as voice control are the features that make this camera a good-featured one. As it is waterproof, it doesn’t require the use of a case for protection.

This is an easy to use camera which is available at a highly affordable price. Even though there are new models with enhanced features, Hero5 Black still seems to be a good buy.

4) GoPro Hero (2018)

The basic Hero version lacks a few advanced features as in case of the latest models. However, it is still a good choice for those who aren’t interested in using high-end technology. It possesses the following features:

  • Stills resolution: 10MP
  • Screen: 2-inch touchscreen
  • Weight: 118g
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4GHz), Bluetooth
  • Frame rates: 60fps (1080p)
  • Waterproofing: 10m
  • Voice control: Yes
  • GPS: Yes
  • Battery life: Up to 2hrs

Although it lacks few features such as 4K video recording and HyperSmooth stabilization, it is still very user-friendly and cost-effective. Also, it allows one to capture Full HD footage of good quality. Even though it is a lower-end model, this camera is waterproof and consists of a 2-inch touchscreen at the back. Hence, operating this camera for capturing images or shooting video is an easy task.

Additionally, the Hero5, Hero (2018), Hero6, and Hero7 cameras have a feature that turns off the Wi-Fi automatically. This happens in two ways:

  • After 2 hours of inactivity, the Wi-Fi turns off and the Bluetooth will be left on for quick wake up of the Wi-Fi.
  • After 8 hours of inactivity, the Wi-Fi, as well as the Bluetooth, will turn off completely.

Conclusion of GoPro Comparison Chart

There are a number of other models of the GoPro cameras in addition to the above-mentioned models. However, these are among the best action cameras, with varying salient features. Taking into consideration all the different key features and the quality of the videos and/or images captured, the GoPro Hero7 Black is the best.

However, this may not be entirely satisfying to everyone. Depending upon the camera that one is looking for, with regard to the quality and the type of technology involved, one can always pick the camera that is perfect for their use.

What is a landing page?

What is a landing page

What is a Landing Page? This is a topic many avoid, thinking it’s something too complicated for them to do or that it’s not worth it.

They are wrong with both points though, it’s worth it a lot if you’re serious about marketing. As for it being complicated, everything is as complicated as you make it to be. You can definitely go crazy and get 2-3 courses on how to build the perfect landing page or you can just do a basic one and start from there.

What is a landing page exactly?

It is a simple page on your site, created with one goal. Make the user do what you want him to do. For this reason you’ll only offer him one choice to make on the whole page. That can be anything from signup to your mailing list to buying something.

You see now why a landing page is a must? By sending your visitors to your main page you give them plenty of choices to make and to be honest most main pages are full of elements that can distract someone’s attention. On the other side, sending them to a landing page that is designed to make them do exactly what you want them to do is what your goal should be. That’s if you want your traffic to convert as well as it possibly can.

Why do you need a landing page?

Before you actually start to create your landing page there’s one more very important thing you need to do. Decide what you want your landing page to achieve. Depending on your niche and what you want to accomplish. The landing page can vary a lot. Here are some of the main ones people use:

Recent blog posts

Services like linktree has it limitations . You can avoid that by creating your own page with your blog posts if that’s where you want your reader’s attention. It’s quite easy to get all the posts via RSS in order and show then nicely formatted on a landing page where you have 100% control.

What is a landing page

Newsletter signup

if creating an email list is your goal then a signup landing page is the way to go. Keep it simple, don’t add too many fields – email and if you absolutely must a name is more than enough. A very good idea here is to offer them something for their signup, like a free download or tool.

New or hot products

if you have a shop that you’re promoting, a landing page with the newest or hottest products from your shop is a great idea. This can also be done via a RSS feed quite easily and it will showcase your best products. Make sure they include good images and compelling but accurate descriptions of the product itself.

Contact form

If you’re selling a service via your account or your business depends on your visitors contacting you then this is the way to go. Again, keep it simple, don’t add too many fields to the form if you’re using a WordPress site or something similar. If you don’t know how to create a form, simply adding you email address with a few words on what you’re offering and why people should contact you works as well.

Social media links

If your goal is to grow your other social media accounts then tell them why they should follow you on those as well and add direct links to your other accounts.

Whatever you pick for your landing page stick with it till the end. Don’t combine 2 or more of the above. There should be only one action any visitor can do on this landing page. Remove even the site menu and any other footer links that you might have. A visitor should only be able to do the action you got him there to do or leave the page, nothing else!

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Increase traffic using SEMrush

Now let’s look at some best practices when creating your landing page:

Keep it short and to the point. Your page should be skimmable and anyone landing on it should understand what it’s about right away. Also making spelling mistakes on your landing page affects your performance. Use Grammarly to prevent yourself from making and mistakes. And the best part, Its FREE.

Use statistics to strengthen your point. They are extremely powerful in people’s minds and can make them take things seriously. Make sure they are true though and don’t over-exaggerate.

Earn your visitor’s trust. This is very important no matter what you’re using the landing page for. In fact everything you add to that landing page, from your copy to images and statistics are there in order to earn trust. It’s easy to exaggerate or make up claims but they will catch on to that at some point. Make sure you’re truthful in everything you say. Additionally you can use trust badges, logos of reputable companies, social proof, money-back guarantees and product videos and images.

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Important points to keep in mind while creating Landing Page

Explain your offer clearly from the start. Unless you really are the best of what you do, don’t use superlatives like “the ultimate”, “the best”, “the most powerful” and so on. Rather concentrate on why your product/offer is unique and how it can help the user. If you actually know what your visitors are looking for this should be really simple, just offer them exactly that.

Use images or videos as visual aids. Don’t add a 30 minute video though, remember visitors have a short attention span. If you haven’t caught their interest in 30 seconds they’ll probably just close your page. These should also be clear and on point. Using stock photos that don’t have much in common with your offer can hurt more than help so only add videos or photos if they are relevant to your offer.

With these in mind you should be able to create a quick landing page that will work a lot better than linking directly to your main page. In time you should do A/B testing on this page and tweak it little by little until your conversion gets as high as possible.

Now there’s one last aspect to discuss about landing pages – how to actually create them?

This depends on your experience with certain tools and software and on what platform you’re using for your site. For WordPress there are many free plugins for example, other plaforms should have free tools as well.

SiteGround Review – Discount: 70% off on Hosting Plans (2019)

SiteGround Review

Starting a website or blog is a slightly complex process. In order to successfully grow your site or blog, web hosting is one of the fundamental requirements. For this purpose, choosing the best web hosting service provider from the multiple services available is of high importance. SiteGround is presently one of the most popularly used and highest rated web hosting provider in the WordPress community. Here is a SiteGround review which may help in gaining more insight about the hosting services provided by SiteGround.

The major features which attract its users include high speed reliable hosting plans as well as extremely responsive and useful customer support. It provides you with everything that you need for the creation and growth of an impressive website or blog. So why wait any longer? Start growing your website or blog right away with the help of this remarkable web hosting provider.

siteground review

SiteGround Review – Benefits of using this web hosting platform 

SiteGround has a number of easy to use and efficient web hosting features. This will help you build and grow your site at an impressive pace. WordPress.org has officially recommended this hosting platform. Therefore, using SiteGround as the web hosting provider for your website or blog will definitely be beneficial. Here are few of the benefits that you will have on using SiteGround for hosting your site:

High performance – The success of your website mainly depends on the speed of loading. With SiteGround, your website or blog will not have any issues in loading. Your site will load at an extremely good speed.

Great reliability – Your website will be highly reliable as it will be available at all times without any downtime. As a result, you will attract more audience to your website or blog.

Ease of Signup – Signing up on SiteGround is very easy as it is a one-page sign-up process.

Finest customer Support – SiteGround’s customer support is by far one of the best. Their team is very friendly and is available 24/7 via chat, phone as well as the ticket.

Amazing features – SiteGround provides you with a wide range of features and tools which are necessary to build your website.

Easy website management – The wide range of tools available help you build as well as manage your website in a seamless manner.

SiteGround Review – An insight into phenomenal web hosting

SiteGround was founded way back in the year 2004. The three founders namely Tenko Nikolav, Reneta Tsankova, and Nikolay Todorov, started SiteGround with the aim of taking web hosting to a whole new level worldwide.

Their objective was to create a faster and safer web hosting platform. They wanted to provide users with better support than all the other hosting platforms. Their perseverance and dedicated efforts are what resulted in the outstanding web hosting service provider, SiteGround.

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All these years, it has been enhanced with a number of new innovative features. This user-friendly web hosting service is thus one of the most preferred services by more than 1,800,000 domains across the world.

Not just one SiteGround review, but a huge number of reviews show that all its users are extremely satisfied. All the features provided by SiteGround are very user-friendly and are thoroughly enjoyed by all its users. This incredible web hosting provider has made hosting one’s website or blog a comparatively simpler process. If you’re using SiteGround as your web hosting platform, you can leave behind your worries regarding site or blog safety.

Additionally, SiteGround also offers you hosting at a quick speed. Thus, it helps you save the time spent on hosting your website or blog. With SiteGround, you have access to different web hosting services. These include:

  • Shared hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • E-mail hosting.

It provides you with excellent servers as well. In addition, SiteGround allows you to register your domain with great ease.

Features and Pricing of the SiteGround hosting plans

Customers of SiteGround find the prices of the various hosting plans on this platform to be highly affordable. SiteGround offers 3 different shared hosting plans with varying prices and features. These are:

  • StartUp – $11.95/month, mainly for beginners
  • GrowBig – $19.95/month, mainly for website growth
  • GoGeek – $34.95/month, mainly for real web geeks.

You can avail a special discount on the prices below


The StartUp hosting plan limits you to host a single website only. Whereas, the GrowBig, as well as the GoGeek plans, allow you to host unlimited websites. All the plans have limited disk space – 10GB, 20GB, and 30GB for StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek plans, respectively.

The suitable number of unique monthly visits handled by each of these plans differs. Up to 10,000 unique visits can be handled per month for the StartUp plan. However, the GrowBig and GoGeek plan can handle up to 25,000 and 100,000 unique visits per month.

SiteGround delivers solid uptime, which keeps you away from any major downtime issues. Additionally, all the hosting plans offer you with a free Cloudflare CDN account and a free SSL. On the whole, if you’re looking at the long term, the pricing of the hosting plans is reasonably good.

The downside

All the hosting services provided by SiteGround are exceptional for the creation and growth of your website or blog. But everything comes with a downside to it. The pricing of the hosting plans seems affordable for the features provided.

However, if you pay for their hosting plans monthly instead of annually, a setup fee of $14.95 is charged. The hosting plans do not include a free domain name. You are required to pay additionally for a domain name, the price of which starts from $15.96/year.

Also, the renewal rates of the hosting plans are a bit high. Unless you take advantage of the longest possible term, you wouldn’t do justice to the money invested. The limited storage/disk space is another drawback for sites or blogs that require more image space.

Conclusion of SiteGround Review

On the whole, SiteGround has set a new benchmark for other web hosting services. Its exceptional web hosting features, customer service as well as flexibility account for this. Whether you own a small or a medium website, SiteGround is an excellent hosting service for simplified web hosting.

Taking into consideration all the advantages that it offers, the downside may be worth it. Well, it completely depends on your individual choice. Therefore, with this SiteGround review, it can be concluded that SiteGround is a suitable web hosting platform for everyone.

Have you used SiteGround as your website or blog hosting platform? If yes, then do share your views with us in the comments section.

Amazon Affiliate Program: Earn atleast $2300/month

Amazon Affiliate Program, also known as Amazon associates, is one of the best ways to monetize your website or blog. I frankly consider it to be better than Google Adsense. Of course you could sell your own product and make money but isn’t it easier to just put the links in right places and let Amazon handle the rest? Yes, it is that simple. All you have to do is sign up for the program and link the desired product on your website or blog.

Alternatives of Google Adsense

But how to get started with Amazon affiliate program? I am going to break down the steps to make money with Amazon. You really can earn BIG BUCKS with amazon depending on the number of quality sales.

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon Affiliate Program a.k.a. Amazon Associates Program, is one of the largest affiliate networks in the world. It helps content creators, publishers and website owners monetize their traffic. They put links from amazon.com on their websites. When customer makes a purchase, they earn commissions. The commission varies from product to product with maximum of 10%.

How to become Amazon Affiliate?

Join the affiliate program is no rocket science. Anyone can do it if they put in their time and efforts. There are 4 simple steps:

In case you already own a website or blog you can jump to Step 2. For those who are looking for a fresh start, all the 4 steps are briefly explained below.

STEP 1: Create a website or blog for your Amazon Affiliate Program

To join amazon affiliate program, you must have a blog or website. But having a website isn’t enough. You must be active and your website should appear in Google search. Google prefer website those are fast.

Creating a website

One of the best options for hosting your website is Bluehost. It offers a wide range of services for hosting your website in a simple manner. In comparison to other web-hosting services such as Hostgator and SiteGround, Bluehost has emerged to be the most prominent choice for a high quality hosting at affordable prices, especially for beginners. For Bloggers, choosing the right platform is very important. I use WordPress as it is one of the best platforms and is easy to customise. In fact 30% of the websites present use wordpress as well.

Pricing of the hosting plans on Bluehost

  • Basic – costs $2.75/month
  • Plus – costs $4.95/month
  • Choice Plus – costs $5.45/month
  • Pro – costs $13.95/month

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So after you get your own website comes the next step.

STEP 2: Go to Amazon Associates Homepage

After you visit the homepage, click on “Join Now for Free”. On the basis of the niche of your website or blog or youtube channel, check out the percentage amazon will pay for promoting their products. Check out Associates Program Standard Fees Schedule.

STEP 3: Create your profile for Amazon Affiliate Program

Before you create your profile, you should sign-up for the Amazon affiliate program depending on your geographical location or your target market.

For example, if your target audience is in the U.S., you should sign up for the Amazon U.S. Associate Program using this link. If your target audience is from India, you should sign-up for Amazon India program.

So assuming your target audience is in the U.S., Sign up.

Once you’ve signed into your Amazon account, click “New Customer” and begin building your Associate account.

Enter your account information

Enter your complete account information. It includes

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number

After filling the above information, Click Next.

Enter your website address

List all the top level domains and/or mobile apps on which you plan to display banners, widgets, Special Links, or other ads from Amazon Associates. You need to add at least one website or mobile app. You can add up to 50 websites or mobile apps.

Fill in your Profile

In the profile section, you will have to choose a preferred associate store ID. Store ID is generally the same as your website. After that, explain what your website is all about.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Explain what your websites hope to accomplish, and select Amazon topics your links will likely target.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Explain how you will drive traffic

Amazon will then ask you a bunch of questions on how you plan on getting traffic to your website. Fill all the fields with appropriate information. The questions are given below.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Fill the recaptcha

Recaptcha verifies you as a human.

Enter your Phone Number

Enter your phone number and press “Call me now”. You will receive a call from amazon where you will have to dial a 4-digit number displayed on your screen. After that your account will be ready and you can enter your tax and payment information.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Step 4: Build Affiliate links

After you’re done filling in all the information, you will get your dashboard.

To start building links go to “Quick links: Search the product” and type the name of the desired product.

Example: I would like to promote Kindle on my website. After searching for the product you will get various versions of the product. Select the one you want and click on “Get link”.

Amazon Affiliate Program

You will get 3 options to promote the product.

  • Text and Image
  • Text only
  • Image only

Amazon Affiliate Program

Choose the one you want and copy the link. Paste the link on your website to display the ad. As your views buy the product through your ad or link, you will get the commission.

How to succeed- Amazon Affiliate Program

Since you’re done with the creation of your account, next thing is to drive traffic. Driving traffic isn’t so easy, but it isn’t that hard either. There are many ways to drive traffic to where your ad is shown. Few of those are as follows:

Organic: This is considered the best as you do not have to make any investment. People who visit your page through organic search are more likely to buy a product.

Social Media:  You can drive traffic using social media and make tons of sales. This is also considered a fairly good method but is comparatively less effective than organic search.

Advertisement: This is really advanced method of getting traffic as you can choose the community of people you want to target. The only setback with this is you need to pay quite a lot of money for advertisement.

Promote Amazon products via Blogging

Blogging is one of the best methods to promote amazon products.

Firstly, find the product you would promote. Amazon has millions of products that do well in the market. Choose your products based on the geo location you plan on targeting. So find out about which product is doing well in that particular location.

Secondly, go through that product properly. Get all the details about that product and write your genuine reviews about it. Do not try to BS people because if you provide value to them they are going to return to your page in future as well.

Thirdly, focus on best-sellers as they are already performing well in the market. People will not hesitate to buy it. Currently the best-sellers in the market are amazon products.

Examples being:

  • Firstly, Amazon Kindle
  • Secondly, Amazon Echo Dot
  • Thirdly, Amazon Echo

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best techniques to get sales on amazon. Build your E-mail list using Aweber and convert your audience into your customers.  It works really well as people will not have to browse the internet for right products. It will be served directly to their email.

Maximize your Amazon affiliate income

Maximize your amazon affiliate income but choosing products that cost more. Higher the price of products, higher will be the commission.

Amazon pays different percentage of commission for different niche. The commissions are as follows:

Product Category Fixed Standard Program Fee Rates
Luxury Beauty, Amazon Coins 10.00%
Furniture, Home, Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden, Pets Products, Pantry 8.00%
Headphones, Beauty, Musical Instruments, Business & Industrial Supplies 6.00%
Outdoors, Tools 5.50%
Digital Music, Grocery, Physical Music, Handmade, Digital Videos 5.00%
Physical Books, Health & Personal Care, Sports, Kitchen, Automotive, Baby Products 4.50%
Amazon Fire Tablet Devices, Amazon Kindle Devices, Amazon Fashion Women’s, Men’s & Kids Private Label, Apparel, Amazon Cloud Cam Devices, Fire TV Edition Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV Devices, Amazon Echo Devices, Ring Devices, Watches, Jewelry, Luggage, Shoes, and Handbags & Accessories 4.00%
Amazon Fresh, Toys 3.00%
PC, PC Components, DVD & Blu-Ray 2.50%
Televisions, Digital Video Games 2.00%
Physical Video Games & Video Game Consoles 1.00%
Gift Cards; Wireless Service Plans; Alcoholic Beverages; Digital Kindle Products purchased as a subscription; Food prepared and delivered from a restaurant; Amazon Appstore, Prime Now, Amazon Pay Places, or Prime Wardrobe  Purchases 0.00%
All Other Categories 4.00%