Apple has always been on the forefront of manufacturing high-end mobile phones and other gadgets. The manufacturing cost of the product usually is a little about normal. Not everyone has the privilege of affording an Apple gadget. This makes Apple, a brand that people long for; a brand that people are in high regards for. As per sources, people have had issues with soaring prices of its products. However, despite the high end pricing. Apple is still one of the most loved brands in the world. Everyone wants to own an Apple gadget and this all that it is about my friends!

With every Milestone comes a plethora of issues and this is the same with Apple . Meanwhile, New Years is the time to rejoice, however things at Apple are not really encouraging. Apple authorities started scrutinizing the past sales and quarterly projection and this does not seem to have a good end.


Battery fuss solution hampers sales of iPhone

The results are not really that appealing. The CEO of Apple announced that the company witnessed lower revenue in the past quarter than previously anticipated. In other words, there has been a downfall in the revenue earning capacity of the product and it is quite disappointing for the brand. The reason for this has been the battery replacement program initiated by company itself. This program was led by a series of events where iPhone users resorted to not using iPhone. In addition, the reason being the battery efficiency issues. News has it that users found iPhone as a very exorbitant product for the price it came in but didn’t seem worth it. After the sales stooping down for the battery issue, this battery replacement program aimed to curb the sales. This was achieved by providing the customers with cheaper battery replacements, inclusive of a price slash from $79 to $29.

This initiative has turned tables of expectations from this program. This program has given the iPhone users, a privilege of changing iPhone batteries. This seems to have put a stoppage in the sales of the phones as users prefer not upgrading anymore. The battery replacement gives the iPhone, a new feel.

Is Apple iPhone sale at stake?

The company did not anticipate the outcome of this program.  Earlier people had no other option but to upgrade to latest iPhone versions, but now, with this program why would users want to upgrade by shedding a lot more dollars? This has been a major turn down for the company and the New Year hasn’t started quite right. So, does it seem like the Apple iPhone sales are at stake? In conclusion, we can contemplate the fate of this brand by this issue.

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