Amazon Prime leads Amazon to Reach a Trillion

Amazon Prime leads Amazon to Reach a Trillion

Amazon is an eCommerce company focused on technology, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. Another successful venture of Amazon is its addition to Prime. This company primarily functions from its headquarters situated in Seattle, Washington. Amazon is undoubtedly counted among the four most prominent technology driven companies along with Facebook, Google, and Apple.

It is the biggest e-commerce portal in the entire world when compared in terms of capitalization and revenue. Jeff Bezos founded Amazon on July 5, 1994. Amazon started its journey as an online bookstore, and later it extended its arms to become the best online store for video downloads, Mp3 download, audio books, electronics, video games, software, toys, apparel and what not. It has its own publishing house- Amazon publishing, a television and film studio- Amazon studio and also produces consumer electronics like kindle, fire TV, echo, etc.

Amazon also started Amazon fulfillment which dealt with the inventories of small companies and individuals who tried to make some money through online stores. All and all, everything that Amazon has done till yet from the time of its incorporation, has led it towards being a company worth more than a trillion dollars.

What makes Amazon so successful?

Amazon Prime

Innovation has been the key to Amazon’s success

Amazon’s unbelievable success over the course of time is mostly a result of its innovations, some of them championed by Jeff Bezos himself. Amazon Echo, for instance, is an Amazon owned voice control device. Echo can be used to play music, listen to sports commentary, research about the recent happening of the world, to get information on weather conditions just by calling out to it in just merely a couple of words. This was a massive investment by the company, but the results it got were overwhelming. Amazon sold almost 22 million Echo units in 2017 alone. With the dawn of 2019, the count has increased significantly.

Amazon’s mindset is not always yields but credibility, and market study. But one thing is for sure after Amazon Echo’s success that for an eCommerce company, innovation is the key to success. Another innovative service is Amazon Prime which takes the experiences at a whole new level.

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Unparalleled customer service of Amazon

Amazon is dedicated to the best in class customer service to its customers keeping the customer’ convenience in mind. Thus, it has developed various tools using which one can track the orders, easily cancel or exchanged products. This has truly brought about a significant change in the entire eCommerce sector of the market. The Amazon customer service team has won a number of words for swiftly dealing with the addressing problems and making the delivery of the ordered goods possible. Amazon is thus, a customer-centric-company working towards the convenience and facilities to its customer, Amazon Prime clearly backs up this fact.

Amazon Prime

Amazon also tries to interact and get in touch with customers through social media to do justice to customer services. Social media, if used right can increase your credibility and also the count of your loyal customer. After all, a loyal customer is one which positively refers a business or a company to the mass.

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Excellent customer order execution

Another reason for Amazon’s success is its excellent capabilities of executing customer orders. This company studies the market well and makes available those things needed and wanted by the mass the most. They put up distribution centers across the globe to facilitate faster delivery of ordered products. It has excellent relations with the vendors because of which it is enabled to offer products at some great discounts. Moreover, the delivery can be done even faster with the Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon is planning on extending its boundaries to Europe which will hence provide employment to thousands of individuals. It has the plan for setting up brick and mortar stores which will feature one-day delivery through highly smart drones.

Diversification in services sets Amazon apart

Starting off as merely a bookstore, Amazon now makes available various consumer goods to individuals in need. You can literally get everything from nuts to soup. According to a search study of Amazon, there are almost 3000 thousand listings for ‘vegetable soup’, and the counts goes all up to 37000 in the case of ‘nuts’. Amazon currently is dealing in consumer electronics, music, software, apparel, jewelry and a lot more. It also offers, different services to provide convenience to the business owners.

Amazon boasts around 3.6 billion backlinks and approximately 3.8 billion of referring links. Amazon’s diversified link portfolio has helped it with the SEO campaign. No matter what product you search for, which Amazon covers, Amazon will always be the first link you will see on the results page. Another such diversified service is Amazon Prime which is designed for better UX.

Merging quality with content

It is no secret that for effective and efficient search engine optimization, you need to incorporate long and relevant keyword rich content in your website. That is precisely why you see considerably long descriptions and FAQs on the site. Amazon uses highly relevant content. One thing that Amazon keeps in mind is not losing the relevancy with the length of the content. The right information, with the right keywords only, can attract a larger crowd to your website, and Amazon knows that well.

Other than the content, Amazon focuses more on the call-to-action buttons on the website than the product copy. This seamless design of content, design, and quality provides Amazon with massive traffic and an even greater conversion rate of relevant individuals.

Amazon never takes user experiences lightly

A strong UX or user experience makes a person find what they are looking for which may lead them further down in the conversion funnel. The lower an individual or company is in the conversion funnel, the more are the chances that they will purchase. A good UX increase your sales and confidence of mass in your company. This also gets your brand the loyalty of your customers. To enhance this even further, Amazon has come with a unique service called Amazon Prime.

Amazon has a dedicated team of enhancing user experience. The intelligent people study the market and dig out information about the user and also work with an interactive user interface for the website. This team then converses the data to the Amazon engineers and the development process starts, which eventually compliments the process of conversion from the viewer to the customer.

Exploring the ventures of Amazon that account for its success

Amazon Alexa

Amazon in its starting time dealt in books and download of music and online books. No matter how much it has grown since then, this company has never left its roots. Amazon Echo is the latest version of Amazon’s music streaming service. This is a smart speaker which is available in the market in different variants. Amazon’s artificial bot, Alexa, powers this speaker. This promotes the ability of the user, asking Alexa to play the music and their choice on Amazon Prime music. Not only that but also, Alexa through Amazon Echo can control your ZigBee enabled devices on your home hub.

Amazon Prime

This Amazon product attracted a large crowd for its unique concept and design. There have been voice control electronic devices even before in the market, but a speaker controlled by voice, which is also interactive had never been in the market since science took par. Amazon Alexa is basically an artificial bot carted by the developers of Amazon, this is highly interactive. At the same time, it is capable of understanding your statement in order to respond decently. Now, with such popularity of Alexa, even automobile companies are setting up Alexa in their cars. Talking about which, Ford is one such company that has announced this association.

Amazon Prime

Another successful venture of Amazon is its addition to Prime. Amazon Prime – primarily focused on increasing the user experience when they shop from the website. If you are a Prime member, you will be exposed to faster deliveries, free of cost delivery, offers that non-members do not get. Apart from these, you also get access to a wide and varied list of movies, tv shows, and documentaries through Prime video. Amazon Prime video is the nearest companion of Netflix. Furthermore, if you get yourself a membership of Prime video, you get access to all the features of Prime and vice versa.

There is a minimal fee of INR 999 for a whole year of various Prime services that include Prime videos. Amazon services are highly strategical because the services provided are too good to refuse. This Amazon venture has gotten converted a larger number of viewers than ever. In a world where piracy is at its extremes, you wouldn’t want to be a part of it. Thus, Amazon Prime videos are your way to go for great movies and TV shows. Amazon has incorporated the existence of dedicated applications for Amazon online store and prime videos. The applications have a huge number of downloads. It seems as if everything that Amazon does benefits it in some or the other way.

Amazon Go

Amazon Go is the newest and the most interesting ventures of Amazon. This is a platform where, there is no need to check out the products you purchase. Amazon has created the most advanced shopping technology. With it you will never have to wait in lines to pay for your shopping. With this invention of Amazon, you can just go in a store with the Amazon Go application, pick whatever you like and want, and leave right away. No need of bar-codes scanned or anything, the app automatically detects the products in your cart and bills accordingly.

This venture by Amazon is something that has been needed since a long time. Nobody likes standing in queue to billed for the items they picked. With this ‘just walk out’ technology of Amazon, you can pay bill through the card linked with Amazon Go app. When it comes to customer’s convenience, Amazon does it best. There are definitely a lot of reasons why it is genuinely a customer-centric-company. There are already a number of stores which support this high-tech facility of purchasing. Founded in December 5, 2016 and since, this technology has seen growth and just it.

Amazon Web Services

This Amazon venture provides cloud computing to the other companies and businesses. Cloud computing is basically an online delivery system which deals with delivery of application, database storage, computing power and other IT related necessities through a cloud platform with a feature of pay as you go. You can avail all these facilities within seconds because you get everything online. Amazon web service is basically a cloud which provides you unlimited storage facility. Even the Google cloud does not provide you with the facility of storing unlimited data files in their original size.

Amazon makes available to you more than 50 web services. With just a few mouse clicks within seconds, you don’t need to make the payment upfront. This has given the new business, small scale business to dream about growth and expansion. You don’t necessarily have to worry about your security on the cloud. In fact, you need not to worry about anything while dealing with Amazon.

Here are the details of the services provided in this venture:

  1. Computer domain to compute workload.
  2. Storage domain related to storage of unlimited data.
  3. Database domain related with database overloads.
  4. Migration domain for transferring data.
  5. Network and content delivery.
  6. Management tools domain to manage services.
  7. Security, identity and compliance domain
  8. Messaging domain.


This discussion makes clears that for an eCommerce platform to succeed in today’s world, they need to lay their path across innovation, user experience, and diversification. Also, content is equally vital for search engine optimization so that your website is visible on the world wide web. You need to do the needful for providing exactly that what is needed by your customers in order to effectively carry out conversion. The availability of services like Amazon Prime accelerates the speed of the conversion. With conversion comes sale and that’s how Amazon stands at what it has become today.

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